US grannies facing marijuana charges

2011-05-04 14:03

Redwood City - A California prosecutor says two women he calls "marijuana grannies" have been jailed after police found hundreds of pot plants in their home.

Authorities say 72-year-old Aleen Lam and 65-year-old Virginia Chan Pon, of San Bruno, were arrested on Friday after neighbours reported a burglary.

San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe says responding officers saw marijuana plants through the front door that had been kicked-in.

Police got a warrant and found 800 marijuana plants growing throughout the house. They also say they found an electrical bypass that let the women steal electricity.

Lam and Pon pleaded not guilty and are being held on $100 000 bail each. They have not retained attorneys, but Wagstaffe says they'll be provided with court-appointed lawyers before their next court date on May 13.

  • cj.venter - 2011-05-04 14:21

    hahaha, you go granny!

  • david vigilant - 2011-05-04 15:10

    $100 000 bail for weed? What a total waste of everything! LEGALIZE IT!

  • Brandon - 2011-05-04 15:50

    That's quite a heavy bail! Guess they did have a forest of weed in their house. Nevertheless, it's time to start rethinking our stand on marijuana, nothing wrong with it in moderation and it has plenty other uses other than a chill out session.

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