US rogue soldier from 'troubled' US base

2012-03-14 13:10

Seattle - The US soldier held for shooting dead 16 Afghan villagers at the weekend was stationed at a military base south of Seattle which has been plagued by scandal and tragedy.

Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), which could in theory host a court martial for the unidentified serviceman, has only just held a series of military trials over a "kill team" accused of the gruesome deaths of Afghan civilians in 2010.

The sprawling base also saw a spike in suicides last year with 12 people taking their lives, amid questions about how it cares for victims of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Home to over 40 000 servicemen, civilians and their families who live on the base and in surrounding communities, it was dubbed the "most troubled base in the military" by the Stars and Stripes newspaper in 2010.

Jorge Gonzalez, the head of a veteran-run resource centre called Coffee Strong near the base, said he was not surprised at the shooting.

"This was not just a rogue soldier: JBLM is a rogue base, with a severe leadership problem. If Fort Lewis was a college campus, it would have been closed down years ago," he alleged in an online statement.

Family moved

The US soldier behind the latest massacre - reportedly a 38-year-old father of two - left the base in December for his first deployment to Afghanistan after three tours in Iraq, according to US defence officials.

Spokespeople for the base have declined to comment on the accused serviceman, but media reports say his family have been moved onto the base in the northwestern state of Washington for their own protection.

He belongs to the 2nd Infantry Division, 3rd Stryker Brigade, according to media reports. Pentagon spokesperson George Little said he is "in his 30s", but insisted his name will be withheld until charges are brought.

The soldier - whose alleged deeds have sparked warnings of a surge in anti-American violence - was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) after a non-combat-related vehicle roll-over in Iraq in 2010, according to a defence official, who requested anonymity.

Links have been found between TBI and PTSD, but it is not known if he suffers or suffered from PTSD.

But that has not stopped the re-emergence of questions about the treatment of soldiers for the disorder - specifically over whether diagnoses of PTSD were altered by military doctors for hundreds of soldiers.

Reaching out

The Washington Post said a probe of the base's medical centre is studying assertions by staff members that, from 2007, diagnoses for at least 300 service members were downgraded to lesser conditions.

But a spokesperson defended the base's record, saying it "attempts to provide every soldier access to the care that they need ranging from alcohol abuse, financial issues to PTSD.

"This is taken very seriously and the army units through education have attempted to reach out to all leaders and soldiers to take the stigma away of seeking help for any issue in your life."

The base, a key staging post for servicemen heading for Iraq and Afghanistan over the last decade, has only just finished a series of court martials over a so-called US army "kill team" behind a string of civilian deaths.

The ringleader of the rogue unit, Staff Sergeant Calvin Gibbs, was jailed for life in November over the killings in southern Afghanistan from January-May 2010, in which soldiers cut off fingers as trophies and posed with the corpses.

Respect and support

On New Year's Day this year a 24-year-old Iraq war veteran from Fort Lewis-McChord, who suffered from PTSD, died of exposure after killing a ranger in Mount Rainier National Park in Washington state.

Local congressman Adam Smith, on the House Armed Services Committee, said it was unfair to view the base only in light of incidents like the weekend shooting.

"The actions of a handful of individuals should not be used to taint a base that... has over 40 000 servicemen and women, even more civilians," said the Democratic lawmaker, whose 9th congressional district covers Lewis-McChord.

Speaking on CNN, he added that "100 000 people come on and off that base every day, and the overwhelming majority of them are serving our country quite well. They deserve our respect and our support".

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    bloodthirsty americans

      Fred - 2012-03-14 15:47

      Bloodthirsty and in denial fundamentalist

  • Augustine - 2012-03-14 15:35

    Hell the US massacred a whole village during the Vietnam war. 39 years later they still at it. Go home America. When last have you not been at war? When last have you not invaded another coutry for your own benefit at the cost of thousand of inocent lives?

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      Shock, outrage & horror. Typical response from the peace loving Arab world, who in turn brainwash young muslims into becoming killing machines & causing misery & terror on those who dont share their beliefs or want no part of their way of life. These poor oppressed victims of the West & the USA in particular, who in turn oppress their women & live by the same code of barbaric cruelty as they did thousands of years ago. The good news for all of you USA haters is that these very same fanatics would have you live by their rules as well. Not to worry, the good ole USA is the stumbling block & will ensure that the freedom that exists in our lives today, will remain as is. The actions of this lone, obviously deranged, traumatised soldier was without a doubt, cowardly & despicable, but I dont hear too many apologies from this lot, when innocent western lives are lost in terror attacks via suicide bombers or car bombs. Truthfully, it appears they dont give a damn & seem to rejoice in some perverse way.

      Fidel - 2012-03-15 00:35

      @Augustine Remember that the US was founded on genocide and slavery. That sick country has been at war since the end of WW11. “There is no use mincing words.... We exterminated the American Indians and I guess most of us are proud of it...and we must have no scruples about exterminating this other race (Chinese) standing in the way of progress and enlightenment, if it is necessary...” An Army officer in the Philippines during the US'conquest of the that country. Something must be done about America. Its evil, violent malignancy is spreading across the world. It is contaminating every nation, especially those of Europe.

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    Fred, let me remind you that his victims were unarmed innocent civilians who were murdered within the confines of their homes. The US president himself called this a heinous act and believes that he should be punished. Get it through your thick skull, a christian caucasian murdered innocent muslim civilians. What is this world coming too.

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      Some sad individual is re-opening this page to make down-thumbs to all the intelligent, relevant comments.. you are so sad mate...

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      What exactly is your point?

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