US sending aid to North Korea

2011-09-03 09:30

Washington - The US has sent a cargo plane of emergency supplies to North Korea as part of a modest but symbolically significant contribution to the impoverished country's flood relief effort.

State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland said the plane is carrying blankets, soap and hygiene kits. It will arrive in Pyongyang this weekend.

The US has said it will provide North Korea $900 000 in emergency aid through US charities.

Heavy rainfall pounded the Korean peninsula in July. North Korean media said in August that flooding killed about 30 people and left thousands homeless.

Some nations have been leery of helping Pyongyang for fear that aid could be diverted to North Korea's political elite or the military.

  • Mart - 2011-09-03 10:03

    Well done USA.

      Spyker May - 2011-09-03 15:00

      If you juxtapose it over the following article (link below) - can we begin to comprehend how complicated the world has become..?

  • crackerr - 2011-09-03 10:13

    As usual. Closer home we have the tragic Zimbabwe case. If you think about it, how thankful must those receiving aid not be that the almost the entire rest of the world do not have nationalized and centralize economies. Ironic that you will never see the leaders of the countries and their close families and allies on photos of the malnourished.

  • PJ - 2011-09-03 13:51

    Showing compassion for others despite their disagreements, unlike governments that only look out for themselves. Or maybe the US haters are now going to claim that North Korea has oil.

      Dmitri - 2011-09-03 14:07

      If N.Korea has oil, the IFP will win the next elections. Sometimes humanitarian efforts go beyond political borders which I believe is amazing. Reminds my of Christmas day 1914 when the allies and Germans came out of their trenches and shared presents. The very next day they went back to killing each other.

  • Anton - 2011-09-03 16:49

    These Americans are amazing people. The are often critized, and many a time for good reasons. But when it comes to aid they are the best in the world. They have without any doubt, SAVED MILLIONS OF AFRICAN LIVES, just with Aids and Malaria, prevention and treatment. Whenever there is a need for help, they are ALWAYS there. NEVER EVER, a long story; Does this or that government like us, Did we get a "thank you" last time. Or, "sorry but our economy is in the sh.t, give us a call next year" A REAL GOOD PERSON IS ONE WHO HELPS HIS ENEMY IN NEED

      crackerr - 2011-09-03 17:14

      A real bad person is one who keeps on biting the hand that feeds it.

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