US slams Chavez cancer remark

2011-12-30 10:09

Washington - The US State Department on Thursday chastised Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's "reprehensible" allegation that the United States could be giving cancer to Latin American leaders.

Without providing any evidence to back up his claim, Chavez posed the rhetorical question "Would it be that strange if they had developed technology to induce cancer without anyone knowing about it?" at a ceremony for the national armed forces on Wednesday.

His comments prompted condemnation from State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland.

"With regard to the Chavez statements, let me simply say that they are horrific and reprehensible," she told reporters.

Chavez made the allegations against his arch-foe in a speech in which he expressed "solidarity" with Argentine leader Cristina Kirchner, whose office announced this week she had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Even "with the law of probabilities, what has been happening to some of us in Latin America... it's strange, very strange", said Chavez, who has himself waged a successful battle against cancer.

Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff, her predecessor Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Paraguay's Fernando Lugo have all been diagnosed with cancer in recent years.

Rousseff and Lugo say they are cancer-free. Lula is undergoing treatment.

  • Nicholas - 2011-12-30 10:20

    Its the sort of thing someone would say when they've run out intelligent things to say. Reminds me of our northerly neighbour accusing the West of introducing AIDS to Africa in order to wipe out the black population.

  • George - 2011-12-30 10:31

    Typical remark from a madman, lets hope he gets his end like Gaddafi and co

      anthony.weineck - 2011-12-30 13:58

      You see Graziella, you continue to see the world through black and white glasses. Until you step away from your inflammatory rhetoric and gain some perspective, rational people will continue to treat everything you say with extreme suspicion.

  • Graziella - 2011-12-30 11:05

    It would be a lot easier to analyse Chavez objectively if there wasn't all this Neo-Con disinformation being dumped on the western media. The CIA had similar plots in the 60s to assasinate Castro, after the failed Bay of Pigs coup.

      Garth - 2011-12-30 13:20

      My thoughts exactly Ianm. Miz G. fills her head with political theories and left wing ideologies and believes them to be her thoughts and the truth at that. A politician worth reading Graziela, once stated: "Ideology offers human beings the illusion of an identity, of dignity, and of morality while making it easier for them to part with them." : Vaclav Havel. Oh, and by the way, it is : `Plausible deniability' - don't you watch movies?

      anthony.weineck - 2011-12-30 14:01

      Agreed lanm. I have seen her use this term elsewhere as neo-conservative. I'm not really sure what that means either though. For there to be a neo-conservative movement there had to have been an old one, and I'm not sure what she's referencing with the conservative part either. I may be wrong, but conservative foreign policy to me means staying at home and not getting involved in international politics, but this would be contrary to her usual schtick.

      Bram - 2012-02-22 15:45


  • Assis - 2011-12-30 11:59

    I love this guy Chavez! Genius has it's limits but stupidity knows no bounds...maybe his expectation is if you are president you will rule and live forever...and once you attain high office the laws of mind/body have no more bearing what so ever...if his performance in bed is drab will that also be a plot of the US ?

      Dmitri - 2011-12-30 14:25

      @Assis ...if his performance in bed is drab will that also be a plot of the US ? More like false flag ops :)

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