US troops in lockdown after goggles taken

2012-01-09 23:02

Washington - US Army authorities have ordered about 100 troops in lockdown after night vision goggles and other high-tech equipment was stolen from a base in Washington state, officers said on Monday.

The lockdown restricts the soldiers to their barracks, showers and work place and bars them from venturing off of Joint Base Lewis-McChord until US Army criminal investigators complete their work, a spokesperson said.

"The unit went in lockdown on Wednesday," Gary Dangerfield, spokesperson for the army's I Corps, told AFP.

"There's no change as of right now. They're still conducting the investigation."

About 100 items are missing, including scopes for rifles, night vision goggles and other "accessories for weapons", Dangerfield said. No ammunition or weapons were missing, he added.

The army's criminal investigative division has offered a $10 000 reward for information that could help with the return of the missing gear.

The soldiers affected were from the 4th Stryker Brigade.