US woman forced to move over roo

2012-01-12 16:09

Tulsa - An Oklahoma woman says she and her pet kangaroo are moving because city workers told her they would take the animal or fine her for violating a local ordinance.

Christie Carr says she and Irwin the kangaroo are moving from Broken Arrow to McAlester to stay with her parents because of the fuss.

But the city says no threats were made to seize the animal and that Carr failed to turn in the proper paperwork that would have allowed her to keep Irwin.

Last year, Broken Arrow's city council voted to create an exotic animal ordinance exemption that allowed Carr to keep within city limits under certain conditions.

Irwin fractured his neck when he ran into a fence, and Carr took him home and nursed him back to health.

  • Shirley - 2012-01-12 16:49

    Lets hope this has a happy outcome! Its a big undertaking to look after a roo so cluedos to her for helping him!

  • Thuphac - 2012-01-12 17:19

    What's with people and wild animals? We read about people keeping lions/chimpanzees/etc in their flats, and when they get mauled or killed, it becomes a tragedy of sorts. Animals belong in their natural habitat - in the wild - unrestricted by the caged living they have to endure with humans.

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