Unprepared student fakes own kidnapping

2012-07-05 13:05

Rio de Janeiro — Police in the Brazilian Amazon say a college student has confessed to faking her own kidnapping as an excuse for not handing in a year-end university project.

Para state's civil police say on their website that 22-year-old Susan Paola Fadel Correia initially alleged she was abducted last week by three men, then was tied up and held for 24 hours before being released.

A police statement says she acknowledged on Wednesday that the story was false and that she spent the 24 hours that she was supposedly missing at the home of a friend.

It quotes officer Gilvandro Furtado as saying Fadel explained that she "didn't want to upset her mother" with news of her problems at school.

Fadel has been charged with making false accusations.

  • konanani.rachicoper - 2012-07-05 13:20

    Lol,lazy student.

  • npretorius2 - 2012-07-05 13:27

    The dog ate my homework once.

  • mrp721 - 2012-07-05 13:35

    And here I thought only in South Africa, so glad to see I was wrong LMAO... Laziness is worldwide LOL...

  • Cassandra Eileen Olivier - 2012-07-05 13:36


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  • olivia.karnak - 2012-07-05 16:30

    What next!

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