Vatican gears up for Christmas

2011-12-05 21:23

Vatican City - The Christmas season has officially begun at the Vatican with the arrival of a 25m pine tree from Ukraine.

Workers hoisted up the tree in St Peter's Square on Monday after it was cut down in a remote area of Ukraine's Carpathian mountains.

The tree will be decorated with 2 500 gold and silver balls and lit on December 16 at a ceremony attended by representatives of Ukraine's Catholic and Orthodox churches.

Ukraine's ambassador to the Holy See, Tetiana Izhevska, said Ukraine is proud to donate the tree since it's a "symbol of life, symbol of hope, symbol of unity and Christmas joy".

Polish-born John Paul II began the tradition of erecting a tall Christmas tree in the square in 1982; the Bavarian-born Pope Benedict XVI has continued it.

  • Fred - 2011-12-06 05:20

    Yep, bring out the tills (ching ching) because its going to be a bumper season as morally bankrupt leaders of the oldest organized crime family prepare to extort money from the gullible fearful sheeple.

  • Fidel - 2011-12-06 10:02

    A pagan celebration nogal. The Christmas tree began as a solstice ritual practiced by Germans to light the darkest night of the year. Smart missionaries of the time realized that this was the superstitious ritual developed to address the people’s fear of the darkness of winter.

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