Wallenda plans Grand Canyon tightrope walk

2012-10-17 12:01

Sarasota — Aerialist Nik Wallenda says he's planning a tightrope walk near the Grand Canyon, but he won't be wearing a safety harness like he used at Niagara Falls.

Wallenda told Sarasota Herald-Tribune on Tuesday that he has signed a contract with an unnamed cable network to broadcast the roughly 0.8km walk.

In June, the 33-year-old Florida aerialist crossed a 550m span over Niagara Falls. The event was televised live by network ABC, which required Wallenda to wear a safety harness despite his protests.

The paper says his contract for the walk near the Grand Canyon specifies that he doesn't need a harness.

No date or exact location has been announced. Wallenda says he's in negotiation with two American Indian tribes whose reservations border Grand Canyon National Park.

  • mmanonose - 2012-10-17 13:15

    Crazy dude........

  • nyiko.ngobeni.5011 - 2012-10-18 10:27

    That's his last one! Dead meat he is

  • nyiko.ngobeni.5011 - 2012-10-18 10:29

    I also see the wife is rubbing her hands in anticipation of the Usd20mill insurance he has, plus all the gravy she will make on his documentaries

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