Wanted UK terror woman flees Kenya

2012-03-06 20:17

Nairobi - A top Kenyan police official says a British woman believed to be the widow of one of the July 7 2005 London bombers has fled the country for Somalia.

The police official said on Tuesday that the woman, Samantha Lewthwaite, is part of a group of British citizens and other foreign nationals who arrived in Kenya last year to plan a bomb attack on the Kenyan coast over Christmas and New Year's.

The official said Lewthwaite was in charges of finances for the planned attack.

Officials believe Lewthwaite has fled to Somalia. The police official spoke on condition he was not identified because he wasn't authorised to release the information.

  • eric.watters - 2012-03-06 21:03

    Hunt her down. and treat her with the same intent Bin Laden was treated. She is a traitor to the country thst fed, clothed, and housed her family for years. If you do not not like the Western way of life it is very simple, return to a country that practices Sharia law......see how you enjoy that.

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