West Bank mosque hit by arson attack

2012-06-19 09:04

Jerusalem - Unknown attackers attempted to torch a West Bank mosque and sprayed it with Hebrew-language graffiti early on Tuesday, in an incident that bore the hallmark of extremist Jewish settlers.

"In the middle of the night ... somebody entered the mosque, broke the window and threw a match causing a fire," a resident of the village of Jaba, between Jerusalem and Ramallah told Israeli army radio.

"They wrote in Hebrew, 'The war has begun,' and 'Pay the price'," said the man, identified by the radio as Sheikh Datoun.

"Neighbours saw the fire, ran to the mosque and put it out," he said.

Israeli police said they had yet to carry out a forensic investigation but there were signs pointing to settler activists.

Arson attacks

"At the moment different directions are being looked into as well as the possibility that it was caused as a result of one of these price tag incidents, that's one of the main directions that we'll be looking into," police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld said.

"Price tag" is a euphemism for revenge hate crimes by Israeli extremists carried out in protest at government moves against the settlements.

They normally target Palestinians and Arabs but have also been directed at leftwing Israeli activists and the army. Incidents have included multiple arson attacks on cars and mosques.

The perpetrators are rarely caught, although in recent months the security forces have increased efforts to clamp down on the phenomenon after an attack on an army base last year.

  • faerrab - 2012-06-19 09:20

    The "Usual Suspects" on this forum will obviously support these attacks

      Rob - 2012-06-19 12:27

      Whats not to love about this story.

      jaba.kov - 2012-06-19 14:32

      I dont support this you nutter - this Arab village with which I share a name (Jaba) is a wonderful place - however before there are any facts I can not lay blame to this at the hands of Jewish extremists. Because something is fishy here Please explain how it is possible for Jews to slip into this Arab village, spray paint a school and three cars, and set fire to a mosque without being detected. Without a single dog barking and raising an alarm. This is just more of the same old, same old -- Arabs desecrating and vandalizing their own property in order to point the finger at Jews, and incite more hatred and violence. Don't get suckered.

      jaba.kov - 2012-06-19 14:46

      However if I am wrong – and this was don’t by Jewish extremists, they must be sent to Palestinian Jail not an Israeli one! If it’s proven to be true (doubtful as it may be) the Jewish hooligans should be apprehended and not sent to Israeli Jails, but rather to Palestinian jails, so they would learn their lesson and they would never do it again. It’s a disgrace if true.

      jaba.kov - 2012-06-19 19:24

      What i wrote was that if its found (as the investigation has not even started while you were pointing fingers) that this despicable act was done by Israeli hooligans then the perpetrators (if Israeli) should not be sent to an Israeli Jail; where democracy grants them too many prisoner freedoms which will make there stay comfortable. Rather they should be sent to a Palestinian Jail which is under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority where they (i believe) will learn their lesson and never do it again. Israeli Jails are in Israel - the Palestinian Authority has its own jails. I am not sure what was so hard to understand Patrick. lastly... in your pathetic description of apartheid, i would just like to reiterate that there is no place on earth where racism and discrimination is as institutionalised as in the Arab world, against Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, women, gays and other smaller minorities. This is a fact - and its something the Arab/Muslim world needs to work on for there ever to be peace on earth.

  • Martin - 2012-06-19 09:32

    both sides need to grow the ffff up. i support neither side, innocent people get hurt because of retards on both sides of the fence

      jaba.kov - 2012-06-19 14:39

      Why do you assume a priori that Jews are responsible? It's not as if we haven't had documented episodes where Arabs destroy their own olive groves, desecrate their own cemeteries, defile their own Mosques. Don't you find it passing strange that a group of Jews could enter an exclusively Arab village (Jaba), and commit all these acts of vandalism while remaining undetected the whole while? Not even a barking dog to raise an alarm? Must be that the dogs knew the perpetrators. That's just common sense. You need to hone your observational skills as well, and learn to discern when things make sense.... and when they simply do not add up. The Jewish people have endured centuries of their houses of worship being desecrated their cemeteries being defiled. It is simply not something that Jews do. If the story doesn’t add up...

  • theodor.herzl.3 - 2012-06-19 09:48

    this should not be in the news...we have people dying in other places, but yet news24 places a story to fuel it's anti-Israel agenda...O' the victim card is working so sweet!!!

      Fidel - 2012-06-19 10:13

      Why, because there are no Jewish terrorists in Israel, terrorising Palestinians daily.

      Neutedop - 2012-06-19 10:14

      News24 take down comments - even when they are facts! feels like school.

      theodor.herzl.3 - 2012-06-19 10:24

      @Infidel Again, state the facts? or ship out.No emotional misguided comments allowed here please.

      fidel.mgoqi - 2012-06-19 10:29

      The burning down of places of worship belonging to the "other" is terrorism, fact. It is meant to spread fear or terror among its targets.

      henry.bosman.5 - 2012-06-19 10:58

      Fidel - Whats your opinion on converting others places of worship to another faiths? Say as in the Spanish conquest of South America , churches over all those temples they had? Relating to your last comment.

      fidel.mgoqi - 2012-06-19 11:08

      @Henry I have no interest in religious bigotry of any kind.

      henry.bosman.5 - 2012-06-19 12:26

      Fidel - Would you agree converting someone else's place of worship into one of the conquerers is also a form of terror?

      fidel.mgoqi - 2012-06-19 12:44

      There are no conquerors in Israel. Both the people who lived there initially were Semites (Arabs and Hebrews), some of whom later converted to Islam, and they built new places of worship.

      henry.bosman.5 - 2012-06-19 13:05

      Granted that burning someone else's religious pad is just plain wrong, but i'm getting a bit frothy at the mouth thinking of those 2 domes on temple mount(bulldoze them) or that the largest cathedral on the planet,Harge Sophia, is now called the blue mosque

      jaba.kov - 2012-06-19 14:42

      Right away everyone points fingers Fidel do you know how many times have the Israeli left been caught impersonating the Israeli right and how many times Arabs themselves been caught framing Jews for their misdeeds, first find solid evidence then catch the perpetrators and then you can gloat and condemn.

      fidel.mgoqi - 2012-06-19 15:26

      left or right, burning places of worship is terrorism. It's no use trying formulate a scenario free of right wing Zionist terrorists, they exist in both Israel and the occupied territories and don't hide their bigotry. It's a shame that MSM doesn't expose them regularly.

  • theodor.herzl.3 - 2012-06-19 09:52

    O, by the way...Israel only lives on 1.7% of the land you know as the Westbank...40% is occupied by Palestinians and the rest is unoccupied. What's the fuss? This land was won in a war with Jordan (legal according to International law - land gained in war), which occupied the land, not the so called Palestinians.

  • cameronrh1 - 2012-06-19 11:13

    Funny... No reports from News24 about the recent terrorist attacks on Israel, in regards to the missiles fired at Israel, and the Israeli citizen killed by 2-3 terrorists from Gaza?

      theodor.herzl.3 - 2012-06-19 11:22

      very funny, or to be expected?, seeing that Al Jazeera has a majority stake in media24...they follow the leader in Israel bashing.

      Larry - 2012-06-19 22:24

      ...and they are gaining their freedom from this earth, straight into the 140 arms of 70 virgins.

  • adre.claassens - 2012-06-19 11:27

    GOOD for the JEWS, may they be more successful next time!!!

      theo.konings.9 - 2012-06-19 12:56

      @adre.Let us know where you worship and see how you feel if someone tried to burn it down.If you are a christian I don't want to be one.Shame on you.Says a lot about your tolerance of others.

  • rob.bayliss.94 - 2012-06-19 12:04

    News 24 does seem to be biased in the way items are reported. The thing is that if the reader becomes aware of the bias they will, or should, apply an equalizing opposite bias when items are read and interpreted. I say should because nobody is free of bias, but for intelligent understanding of news reports it is useful to have a sense of the ingrained bias of the report. So thank you News 24 for maintaining the bias.

      John - 2012-06-19 12:22

      And if they don't become aware of the bias? Or if they do not have time to address the propaganda every time? Then what? Ask Julius, its the masses who makes up the numbers.

      rob.bayliss.94 - 2012-06-19 13:45

      John: Maybe sometimes the bias is elusive, but if you read the first paragraph of this article you will see that the item is immediately attributing it to extremist Jewish Settlers, and without any evidence at all. It is not difficult to recognise bias, but it requires an effort to read between the published words to get to the core of the report...I wonder what proportion of readers take the trouble to do that?

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