White tiger escapes from zoo enclosure

2012-11-22 15:53

Prague — An official says a rare white tiger has attacked two employees in a Czech zoo after escaping from its enclosure.

The incident occurred on Thursday morning in the zoo of the northern city of Liberec.

Zoo spokesperson Ivan Langr says the two employees suffered unspecified injuries.

Lenka Markovicova, spokesperson for the local rescuers, says one man has been hospitalised with head injuries. She says he is not in life-threatening condition.

Langr says the tiger named Paris has been tranquilised and poses no further danger. He said the zoo's employees were shocked and that it was not immediately clear who is to blame for the escape.

The Liberec Zoo is the only one in the Czech Republic that has white tigers.

  • Benjamin - 2012-11-22 18:39

    What a beautiful creature.... she just wants to be free

      furlong.lubisi.7 - 2012-11-22 19:14

      You are right but in the other hands it should be more difficult to know and to see them if it was not kept in the Zoo

  • furlong.lubisi.7 - 2012-11-22 18:59

    It must be an inside job as it is always said when Prisoners escape from jail

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