World favours Obama over Romney: Poll

2012-10-24 17:03

London - People around the world overwhelmingly favour US President Barack Obama over his Republican challenger Mitt Romney, a poll carried out for the BBC World Service has found.

An average of 50% favoured Obama, against 9% for Romney, with Pakistan the only one of the 21 countries questioned indicating they would prefer to see Romney win the election in November.

France gave the strongest support to Obama, with a 72% approval rating, according to the survey of 21 797 people.

The survey was carried out by GlobeScan/PIPA between 3 July and 3 September, before the four TV debates between the candidates and their running mates.

  • phae.rayden - 2012-10-24 17:41

    That's for sure, USA will slide back 50 years if Romney and his boys get their hands on it to run like a church.

      alistair.parkinson - 2012-10-24 17:58

      @ Phae, You clearly have no idea about Romney or his policies....... Just go bury your head in the sand. Scream something about rednecks and fox news while closing your eyes and putting your fingers in your ears...

      phae.rayden - 2012-10-24 18:37

      Clearly, me and most of the rest of the world. People need to move forward, the old days are over and new solutions are required. No way Romey has the character to navigate these new times.

  • Thabang - 2012-10-24 17:56

    According to the same report most whites in S.A. preferred Ku Klux Klan over Obama.

      veldt66 - 2012-10-24 18:05

      This is best for the evening.bravo

  • james.hurley.1401 - 2012-10-24 18:12

    in other surprising news, world favours integrity over idiocy

  • mike.clery - 2012-10-24 18:39

    Well then Romney's the right choice for Americans to look after *their* interests....

  • fidel.mgoqi - 2012-10-24 20:03

    The worst thing that could happen is for a 'John Wayne' type politician to be elected who refuses to accept the inevitable, and start exploding his toys on some far away poor country, to show how manly he is. The world has every right to favour the not so innocent Obomber!

  • archangel.zerachiel - 2012-10-24 20:56

    NoBummer is the worst thing to happen to the United States of America since 9/11. If he stays it will not remain the UNITED STATES for much longer.

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