X-ray uncovers stolen diamond

2011-09-14 16:08

Madrid - A thief in Spain who stole a diamond from a British woman, and then swallowed it, was caught when police stopped him at a checkpoint and forced him to undergo an X-ray.

The theft occurred when two British women entered a restaurant in the luxury southern resort of Marbella and one of them left her handbag on the floor by her chair, police said in a statement.

"Two well-dressed men came in, one sitting at the bar and the other next to the woman," it said.

When the men left, the woman discovered that her handbag, containing €2 000 and £400 in cash, a cellphone, a pendant with a diamond worth $12 031 and other valuables, had disappeared.

Hours later, police stopped a car at a routine checkpoint and found the four occupants had criminal records.

Inside the vehicle they also discovered a handbag as well as valuables and cash, which they later identified as belonging to the British woman.

All that was missing was the diamond.

"During the operation, officers noticed one of the men putting his hand to his mouth," police said.

"This gesture and the fact that they had found the pendant without the diamond made the police think he may have swallowed it.

"To find the stone, those arrested were taken to a medical centre where they underwent X-rays, and the diamond was located inside the stomach of one of them, who admitted swallowing it."

  • Proudly.South.African - 2011-09-14 16:25

    Ai poor guy, watches too many movies.., stolen pence none the richer

  • Louis F - 2011-09-14 17:04

    Hy gaan k*k.

      dawiej - 2011-09-14 21:19

      En iemand gaan in sy k*k krap

  • lenyora - 2011-09-14 17:47 after the thief kaks the diamond will the lady continue to wear it - knowing where it came from??

  • Zion - 2011-09-14 18:14

    Now that's nothing man. When I was working on the De Beers mine in Kimberley , workers were X-rayed at random To see if they have any stones in their orifices and other body parts. One of the guys selected was an apprentice with me in the '60's. He had just left the security area when overtaken by a platoon of security officers. He was told to return to the X-ray area because there were indications he had a diamond implanted in his shoulder. After a long and overheated argument he told the officers that years earlier he had broken a bone in his shoulder and a plate and pins were implanted to support the bone. They never really believed him but could not do anything about it since it was illegal to X-ray persons more than once within a certain period. Imagine stabbing your self in the shoulder to install a diamond.

      Banned - 2011-09-14 21:28

      Thats just nuts, the things people will do for money...

  • gallus - 2011-09-14 20:51

    Now, that is proper policing - I trust the SAPD took notice?

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