AS IT HAPPENED: Americans cast their votes

2016-11-08 10:37

Americans cast their votes for the US elections. See how it unfolded here.


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Last Updated at 15:18
09 Nov 01:41
News24's election coverage will continue in our new live update in which we will cover the results as they come in.

09 Nov 01:28
A polling station in California is on lockdown after a nearby shooting which left at least two people wounded.

09 Nov 01:20
Numbers have started coming in from the state of Kentucky and Trump has an early lead there. But as CNN's Wolf Blitzer points out, it's still very early days.

09 Nov 01:19

Hillary Clinton has overwhelmingly won the vote in a tiny Pacific island which has correctly predicted the outcome of the presidential election for the last 32 years.

Guam, whose residents are American citizens, holds a general election poll every four years, even though it has no members in the electoral college. But while the result of Guam's presidential poll has no bearing on the national election, it may be an indicator of how the rest of the country will vote: Residents of the West Pacific Island, which has a population of 162 000, have correctly chosen the winner of each presidential election since 1980. 

According to the results announced by local media, Clinton received 71.63% of the vote, while Trump received 24.16%. Residents of US territories including Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa and the US Virgin Islands - nearly 4.1 million people in total - do not have representation in the electoral college or in the US Congress.

09 Nov 01:05
Trump's team have fixed that little bug on his campaign website.

09 Nov 00:59

Police say they arrested two women after they took off their tops in protest at the Manhattan polling place used by Donald Trump.

The disruption occurred on Tuesday morning at a grade school gym about two hours before Trump arrived.

The women began shouting and took off their tops to reveal anti-Trump slogans painted across their bare chests before police escorted then away. They were released after being given summonses for electioneering, a violation of rules outlawing political activity at polls. - AP reports

09 Nov 00:55
Photo: Early morning voters wait to cast their ballots at the VFW Post 3500 in Richmond Heights, Missouri. (Laurie Skrivan, AP)

09 Nov 00:51

A spokesperson says former President George W. Bush did not vote for Republican Donald Trump or Democrat Hillary Clinton.Freddy Ford says the most recent Republican president voted "none of the above for president and Republican down-ballot." That means Bush voted for Republicans in congressional and local races.

It's not a complete surprise. The Bush family includes the two most recent Republican presidents but neither endorsed nor campaigned for the billionaire businessman who captured the party's nomination.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was a one-time favourite to win the GOP presidential nomination until Trump got into the race and branded him with a name that stuck: "Low energy."

Meanwhile, preliminary presidential exit polls results suggest that a clear majority of Americans going to the polls on Tuesday have at least a moderate amount of confidence that votes will be counted accurately.

About half of those polled for The Associated Press and television networks told Edison Research they are very confident in the results. Another third said they are somewhat confident.

Fewer than one out of five say they're not very confident or at all confident in the vote count.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has railed against the electoral system. He's called it rigged and suggested without evidence there is widespread voter fraud that could affect the outcome.

09 Nov 00:40
And in less serious news...

09 Nov 00:01
The Guardian reports that Clinton will be watching the results come in at a hotel in Manhattan, New York, just a few minutes' walk from Trump Tower where the Republican nominee will be with his family.

08 Nov 23:59
Just minutes away from the first polls closing.

08 Nov 23:54

AFP reports: Trump on Tuesday made a last-minute appeal to voters to turn out, saying the election was "far from over," just a few hours before the first East Coast polling stations close.

Trump was looking to garner 11th hour votes in some key battleground states including Florida - without the Sunshine State, his path to the US presidency is slim at best.

"Don't let up, keep getting out to vote - this election is FAR FROM OVER! We are doing well but there is much time left. GO FLORIDA!" Trump tweeted.

PHOTO: A little boy waits for his mother to finish voting at a polling station at the Big Bear Lake Methodist Church in Big Bear, California. (Bill Wechter, AFP)

08 Nov 23:35

Despite Donald Trump's continued scepticism that the election was on the up and up, few voters who went to the polls on Tuesday encountered problems — and even then, most issues involved the usual machine breakdowns and long lines.

The run-up to the vote was fraught, with unsupported claims by the Republican presidential candidate of a rigged election and fears that hackers might attack voting systems.

He reiterated his claims on Election Day, after his campaign announced it was seeking an investigation in the battleground state of Nevada over reports that some early voting locations had allowed people to join lines to vote after polls were scheduled to close.

Asked on Fox News if he would accept Tuesday's results, Trump continued to demur. "We're going to see how things play out today and hopefully they will play out well and hopefully we won't have to worry about it," Trump said. Later in the interview, he said, "it's largely a rigged system."  - AP

08 Nov 23:26

As he went to cast his ballot, The Donald's fellow New Yorkers were characteristically warmhearted, greeting him with shouts of "New York hates you!"  

When Trump was caught on camera seemingly taking a peek over the voting machine's blinder at his wife Melania's ballot, it would invite more mocking and launch the umpteenth social media election meme of 2016.  

"Donald Trump doesn't even trust Melania to vote for him" joked @cafedotcom.   When a similar image emerged of Eric Trump stealing a glance toward his own wife Lara Yunaska @JuddLegum tweeted "Like father, like son."- AFP

08 Nov 23:13
And then this:

08 Nov 23:00

The rand, trading at R13.26/$, is currently trading at its strongest levels this year, as the dollar anxiously awaits the verdict of the US Presidential election.

Bloomberg reported that if Trump wins, the dollar will be hit hard: "The foreign-exchange markets this week are suggesting what might happen if the Republican triumphs, with the dollar tumbling against most major currencies and the Mexican peso bucking the trend as one of the worst performers against the greenback. Societe Generale sees Mexico’s currency 17% weaker than Friday’s close, while Bank of America said traders already “have gone a long way toward pricing in a surprise Trump victory”.

08 Nov 22:56
Poll worker Paris King passes out "I Voted" stickers at the Crystal Spring public library voting precinct in Mississippi. (Justin Sellers, AP)

08 Nov 22:15
This is just lovely.

08 Nov 22:01

Nevada Judge Sturnam has blocked the Trump team's motion, and won't issue any order for the Clark County Registrar to preserve anything.

Trump's lawsuit asked that records from four early voting spots that allegedly stayed open too late last Friday be impounded and preserved.

Long lines kept polls open past the 19:00 posted closing time at locations that included a Mexican market and several shopping centres. Officials say at one site, the last voter cast a ballot after 22:00. Criticism is also coming from state Republican Party chief Michael McDonald. But Democrat Hillary Clinton's campaign is dismissing the Nevada case in a Twitter message, calling it "a frivolous lawsuit". - AP reports

It's worth bearing in mind though that, as in South Africa, voters who are in the line by the time the polls close, are still eligible to vote.

08 Nov 21:52
Trump's lawyer is now standing before a judge discussing the lawsuit matter in Nevada. "I can't obligate him to do something he's already obligated to do" - Judge Sturman

08 Nov 20:54
US Election Day isn't even over and already Trump has filed a lawsuit over votes. CNN reporter Jim Sciutto says the Republican nominee filed a Nevada voting lawsuit against the Clark County Registrar, for allegedly keeping polls open "2 hours beyond closing time".

08 Nov 20:49

AP reports: President Barack Obama says his faith in the American people hasn't wavered.

Asked whether he was feeling nervous about the presidential election outcome, Obama said "I think we'll do a good job" as long as the American people vote.

Lines were long in some areas as voters chose between Democrat Hillary Clinton, Republican Donald Trump and some third-party candidates.

Obama said he hopes everyone has "voted early. If not, get out there."Obama supports Clinton and voted early last month in his Chicago hometown. He spoke while walking from the White House residence to the Oval Office, following his Election Day tradition of playing basketball with friends.

08 Nov 20:35
News24 user Motlatsi oa Moahloli tells us who he prefers: "Obviously Hillary Clinton as she is for all the people of America while Trump has divided the American nation. He is arrogant just like Zuma, and we are so tired of that kind of leadership everywhere in the world. It's a selfish style of leadership."

08 Nov 20:32
And when Donald Trump went to vote, he got booed. He didn't seem to take much note of it though.

08 Nov 20:17
Some people are putting their trust in one of the lesser-known candidates. Jill Stein is the leader of the Green Party.

08 Nov 19:39

The near-term direction of global financial markets will be dominated by the result of the US Presidential election, notes Overberg Asset Management (OAM), reports Fin24.

While opinion polls are fluctuating in step with the latest FBI investigation, it remained clear that Hillary Clinton remains the election favourite as the poll-of polls puts her at around 46% versus Trump on 43%, OAM said in its weekly overview.

It added that according to sensitivity analysis, the S&P 500 index would jump by 2 to 3% in the event of a Clinton victory and drop by 11-13% in the event of a Trump victory.

08 Nov 19:35

After weeks of competing claims of fraud and intimidation on Election Day, few voters who headed to the polls on Tuesday morning encountered such problems, though there were some reports of machine breakdowns and long lines.

The run-up to the vote was fraught, with unsupported claims by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump of a rigged election and fears that hackers might attack voting systems. Concerns of voter intimidation and fraud led to a flurry of lawsuits in the run-up to Election Day, and new voter regulations in more than a dozen states also held the potential to sow confusion at polling places.

08 Nov 19:12

As voters cast their ballots for president, some are convinced, while others are holding their breath.  

In Indianapolis, 50-year old homemaker Ranita Wires said she voted for Hillary Clinton because she trusts her, but said "this has been the worst", and she's "so glad it's over". 

Craig Bernheimer voted for Donald Trump at his local polling station in Tulsa, Oklahoma early on Tuesday, saying it has more to do with "what the other didn't bring".  

New Mexico truck driver Richard Grasmick said he admired Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and intended to vote for him, but grew disillusioned by Johnson's televised flubs on foreign affairs issues.  

He said, "I wanted to go with Gary but he failed me." Grasmick voted for Donald Trump instead.

08 Nov 19:10
On the eve of Election Day, over the course of 18 hours, three rallies, five flights, addressing a combined 43 000 people, Hillary Clinton ended her campaign with a marathon sprint that marked a positive end to a race that has, for long stretches, felt like a slog to participants, the candidate included.

08 Nov 19:09

08 Nov 19:07
Hillary Clinton has two speeches: One if she wins, one if she loses

08 Nov 19:06
Still a narrow lead for Clinton, according to polls

08 Nov 19:05
“Everything’s very good,” says Trump after he voted

08 Nov 19:04
Donald Trump jnr voted with his family

08 Nov 19:03

Trump campaign tag line: Make America great again  

Clinton tag line: Love trumps hate

08 Nov 18:58

08 Nov 18:51

08 Nov 18:49

A Hillary Clinton supporter in this liberal bastion in New England said he voted for Clinton for many reasons, but that chief among them was the role of women in his life.

“The biggest reason probably is that the most important people in my life are women,” Joe Hinton, an 18-year-old student at Brown University, told BuzzFeed News after voting at the Solomon Center in the heart of campus. He said his mother and sister are very important to him.

08 Nov 18:46

Miami - When 74-year-old Leonor Perez cast her vote for Hillary Clinton under a cloudless Florida sky, there was not a shadow of doubt in her mind: "It's time for a woman to wear the pants in this country."  

Long lines formed in the cool breeze as polls opened early Tuesday morning in Perez's neighborhood of Hialeah, a primarily Cuban enclave near Miami, and across the battleground Sunshine State.  

Sharply divided in support for the Democrat Clinton and her White House rival Donald Trump, swing state Florida is seen as critical to the chances of both candidates.  

Peter Fernandez, a 21-year-old dishwasher born and raised in Hialeah, said he voted for the Republican billionaire Trump.  

"I like what he's going to bring to the table and his immigration policy and things like that," Fernandez said.  

"I don't really know much, I'm not very educated," he said. "But he speaks his mind. He's not afraid to say things that could irritate a couple of folks."  

Some 6.4 million of the state's 14 million-strong electorate have already cast their ballots, taking advantage of early voting in the two weeks prior to November 8.

08 Nov 18:45
Governor Mike Pence to vote after his bike ride

08 Nov 18:44

08 Nov 18:43

Election officials say voting machine problems in southern Utah are forcing poll workers to use paper ballots, potentially affecting tens of thousands of people.  

Utah Director of Elections Mark Thomas says a programming problem has affected all voting in Washington County, but so far appears it appears limited to that county.  

He says about 52 000 registered voters there have yet to cast their ballots.  

Election workers are trying to fix the computer problem and hope they can start using the voting machines later in the day.  

Thomas says officials were prepared with backup paper ballots. But he said they will need to print more if the problem persists.

08 Nov 18:40

WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange says he wasn't trying to influence the US presidential election when his organisation published hacked emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign.  

In a statement Tuesday, Assange denied he was trying to support Green Party candidate Jill Stein or take revenge for the jailing of former US intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning.  

Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking secret U.S. government documents to WikiLeaks.  

Assange suggests WikiLeaks would publish material on Clinton's Republican rival Donald Trump, if it received appropriate material and judged it newsworthy.  

Assange said Wikileaks has not yet received information on the campaigns of Trump, Stein or other candidates "that fulfills our stated editorial criteria."

08 Nov 18:39
African American turnout key for Clinton to win North Carolina

08 Nov 18:38

08 Nov 18:31

Hillary Clinton is getting some quirky questions in Election Day radio interviews.  

Clinton phoned WKZL in North Carolina and was asked whether she prefers Pepsi or Coke? Coke, said Clinton.  

Toilet paper — over the top or under the bottom of the roll?

"Usually over, but I can live with under," quipped Clinton.  

And, sleeping arrangements. Clinton told WXKS in Boston that she won't switch which side of the bed she sleeps on if elected president.

The White House will have to put the storied presidential phone on her side, not on the side that her former president husband sleeps on.  

She said: "I have my side, and it works very well for us." As for Bill, she said, "I think he'll be happy to let me answer it."

08 Nov 18:26

08 Nov 18:24
Jens Spahn deputy German finance minister, says banking issues will remain non-political

08 Nov 18:22
Professor Jeremy Siegel on Bloomberg predicts slight dollar decline if Trump gets elected, says it’s not bad for the US economy

08 Nov 18:19

Nearly two years of relentless campaigning and racially loaded rhetoric has exposed a country that is deeply fractured along lines that are hardening and raw.

Race, gender and class appear to be ever more reliable predictors of whether Americans cast their ballots for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. And as Americans have retreated further into their corners, politicians have seen little motivation to understand the other side.

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