As it happened: Clinton says she hopes Trump will be a successful president for all Americans

2016-11-09 17:30

Donald Trump has won the US presidential election. See how Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Trevor Noah and the world reacts to the news.


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09 Nov 19:58

And Trevor Noah gets the last say.

09 Nov 19:51

And here is Hillary Clinton's speech.

09 Nov 19:50

Michael Moore predicted a Trump win earlier.

09 Nov 19:48

09 Nov 19:46

09 Nov 19:44

Hours after the United States elected Donald Trump to be its next president, Mexico began carefully laying the groundwork for a relationship with a new leader who campaigned against its citizens and threatened to wreak havoc with its economy, AP reported.

09 Nov 19:41

Several African leaders on Wednesday congratulated Donald Trump following his victory in the just ended US elections.

09 Nov 19:37

09 Nov 19:36

09 Nov 19:31

09 Nov 19:28

09 Nov 19:28

09 Nov 19:27

"We are all rooting for Trump success," Obama says.

09 Nov 19:27

Stay encouraged, don't ever think you can't make a difference, Obama says.

Sometimes you lose an argument, sometimes you lose an election.

09 Nov 19:25

09 Nov 19:25

09 Nov 19:25

"I told my team to keep their heads up."

09 Nov 19:24

He says whether you are a Democrat or Republican, you are an American first.

09 Nov 19:23

Obama says: "Regardless if your candidate won or not, the sun will come up in the morning".

09 Nov 19:22

Obama says he will work hard to ensure a peaceful transition.

09 Nov 19:21

He says it is no secret that he didn't always agree with Trump.

09 Nov 19:21

Obama says he called Trump last night and invited him to the White House tomorrow.

09 Nov 19:21

Obama is talking.

09 Nov 19:19

More interesting statistics coming out.

09 Nov 19:16

Obama's term ends in 71 days.

09 Nov 19:06

Obama will deliver his speech soon.

09 Nov 19:03

Not everybody is happy with President Trump.

09 Nov 18:59

09 Nov 18:53
Repeats the message of hope, saying best days are still ahead of us

09 Nov 18:52
Issues challenge for a woman to “shatter the glass ceiling”

09 Nov 18:51
Clinton’s voice nearly breaking with emotion

09 Nov 18:51
Clinton: “This loss hurts, but never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it”

09 Nov 18:49
Despite the applause, there is a palpable sense of sadness in Clinton’s voice

09 Nov 18:47
Clinton doing a good job of thanking running mate Kaine and the Obamas

09 Nov 18:46
Clinton: We believe the American Dream is big enough for everyone

09 Nov 18:44
Donald Trump is going to be our president and we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead, says Clinton

09 Nov 18:44
Near tears, Clinton says: “This is painful and it will be for a long time”

09 Nov 18:43
Clinton hopes Trump will be a successful president for all Americans. “I feel pride and gratitude for this wonderful campaign”

09 Nov 18:42
Lots of thank-yous

09 Nov 18:41
Hillary enters with former president Bill to massive applause

09 Nov 18:40
Kaine strikes a defiant tone despite loss

09 Nov 18:38
Kaine says Clinton’s team is loyal to her; she is loyal to them

09 Nov 18:36
Kaine says he is inspired by Hillary Clinton

09 Nov 18:35

09 Nov 18:35
Standing ovation as Tim Kaine enters the room

09 Nov 18:34

09 Nov 18:33

09 Nov 18:32
John McCain has congratulated Donald Trump saying: “I will work with him”

09 Nov 18:24
Ryan says Obamacare is not a popular law, Congress will replace it

09 Nov 18:23
Ryan is proud of Wisconsin state flip

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