Four ways to take control of your emails

Being bombarded by a flood of messages every day can be a major source of stress. Here’s how to take control of your inbox.

Harry Styles reportedly in talks to play Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid remake

It appears Harry Styles might be going under the sea.

Local teen turns tragic childhood misfortune into songs of hope through opera

Abandoned at birth, Bianca Solomons has grown up to be an accomplished opera singer with dreams of hitting the big time.

Too lazy to remove your makeup before bed? Try these shortcuts

Removing your makeup before you go to sleep is a must!

‘How my brother’s death changed my life’

After watching her brother lose his battle with bone cancer, Jasmine Smith was inspired to become a paediatrician.

This local model went from posting pictures on Instagram to owning the runway in Paris

As kid she was taunted for being so tall and skinny – but no one’s laughing at her now.

Kate and William head to Caribbean island for Prince George’s 6th birthday

Prince George will be ringing in his 6th birthday on a tropical island.

Parmesan drumsticks

This dish is loaded with crunch and flavour. It works with almost any cut of chicken, but is especially delicious with drumsticks.

Your weekend stars

See what the weekend stars have in store for you.

SA born Instagram star who sold her bathwater has had her account shut down

The Instagram influencer, who cashed in on her bathwater, has had her account shut down after she’d been reported.

Non-gender model gets candid about her journey of self-discovery: ‘Just be you, however that looks’

From a young age she knew she was different.

Four outrageous surgical transformations that’ll leave you stunned

From Ken, the real-life doll, to parrot man – some people have undergone shocking body modifications.

Trevor Noah’s take on Scarlett Johansson’s comments about representation in Hollywood

Trevor Noah is using Scarlett Johansson’s recent controversial comments to make a powerful statement about representation in Hollywood.

Teen disowns dad for proudly posing next to slaughtered lion in Kalahari

A teenage girl has vowed to never speak to her father after a photo of him and his wife kissing in front of a slaughtered lion went viral.

Ava Phillipe pens touching message to mom Reese Witherspoon: ‘She inspires me every day’

Ava Phillippe and mom Reese Witherspoon are totes mother-daughter goals

Coconut cake with dates

This moist cake is wheat-free and has a lovely citrus flavour.

Your stars today

See what the stars have in store for you today.

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