Your stars today

See what the stars have in store for you today.

Artist creates paintings of vibrant animals in action – using just her fingers!

Scott is the first artist to launch finger painting as a legitimate art medium by painting strictly with her fingertips.

Model shows off lupus scars to inspire others

Jokiva Bellard, a body positive activist, shows off her lupus scars as inspiration to others.

Chicken meatball pasta

Your family will love these sweet and spicy chicken meatballs served with pasta.

World’s oldest man turns 113- and celebrates with a glass of milk!

A slice of cake and a glass of milk for breakfast was how a 113-year-old widower celebrated his birthday.

Chicken with sun-dried tomato sauce

A flavourful summer supper!

Selfless pensioners dedicate lives to adopted disabled boy

Two kind pensioners have sold their home and almost all their possessions to take care of an adopted child.

Husband abandons wife after she is diagnosed with cancer

She expected full support from the love of her life.

This mom is constantly mistaken for Mariah Carey

Her resemblance to Mariah Carey is uncanny.

Bodybuilder’s six-pack bloats up after eating ‘trigger foods’

“When I say I’m bloated, I’m bloated.”

Your weekend stars

See what the stars have in store for you this weekend.

‘Somebody gave me the light inside’ – Fireman who survived Groblersdal store explosion

Young woman who hasn’t left her home in two years is living her life on social media

"It’s hard for anyone else to understand how I feel."

Woman shamed on social media for buying 300 presents for her children

In an image circulating on social media, the massive pile of presents almost totally obscures the Christmas tree.

Good Samaritans give nine-year-old the gift of mobility

Michael Kgolane from Groblersdal, Limpopo, will soon have prosthetic limbs thanks to a kind Pretoria family.

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