Man sheds 70kg and becomes marathon runner – you won’t believe what he looks like now

“You’ll have ups and downs. It’s perfectly normal. Look at the big picture.”

This artist creates beautiful galaxies from ashes!

She’s made more than 70 works in her ongoing series, which was started last summer.

Meet the world’s fastest clapper - he can slap his palms together 20 times a second!

You’ve got to hand it to this musician who boasts being able to clap a staggering 20 times a second.

Mexican hot chocolate

Only the most serious of chocoholics can handle this decadent, spicy treat!

‘I wanted him to see me at my most beautiful’ - single woman takes wedding pics with ill granddad

"Doctors made it clear to me that his body was failing and he has a heart condition."

99-year-old swimmer breaks two world records!

This 99-year-old swimmer gives youngsters a run for their money.

Couple with same birthday and birthplace get married!

Talk about coincidence!

Heroic policewoman becomes disabled model

“I’m going to fight for my right to represent disabled people."

Your weekend stars

See what the stars have in store for you this weekend.

‘Drugs made me gouge my eyes out of their sockets’

She had barely turned 18 when she started drinking alcohol and smoking weed began.

‘We just don’t understand’ – Dad heartbroken after 12-year-old commits suicide

Nathan’s funeral will be held next Friday.

SA EXCLUSIVE: Alicia Vikander is obsessed with Cape Town after five-month stay

Kirstin Buick sat down with Alicia Vikander to chat about her action-packed new film, being a bad-ass female role model – and how much she loved her time in SA.

Vanessa Trump files for divorce from Donald Trump Jnr

"We’ll always have tremendous respect for each other and our families."

People are being weird about the Queen’s letter of approval for Harry and Meghan’s wedding

Queen Elizabeth II has officially given Prince Harry and Meghan Markle permission to get married!

Your stars today

See what the stars have in store for you today.

Woman spends more than R400 000 on surgery to look like a Barbie doll

She’s been dubbed the real-life Barbie!

'Real-life vampire’ woman who is allergic to sunlight

Her friends often good-naturedly tease that she’s descended from “vampires”.

‘Justice will prevail’ – Gill Packham’s family speaks out for the first time

“We trust that justice will prevail for our sister.”

Airline mistakenly sends woman’s dog to Japan, gives her Great Dane instead

A dog who was supposed to be travelling on a domestic American flight, accidentally got sent to Japan.

Heinz Winckler’s birthday message to his son will give you all the feels

Heinz Winckler’s youngest son, Reuben, turns four years old today – and his dad couldn’t be prouder of his little boy!

‘I thought I was going to die’ – Traumatised man describes waking up halfway through his surgery

A young man claims he woke up in the middle of an operation because he was given an incorrect dose of anaesthetic.

Matric boy accused of murdering his cousin in bar fight

“Given the circumstances we’re not doing well at all.”

Crispy fish fingers

The lemon soft drink adds a touch of sweetness to the batter.

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