Patient afforded damages after surgeon operates on the wrong part of his arm

A British patient recently woke up in hospital to find that the surgeon had operated on the wrong part of his arm.

Mom who gave birth while in coma dies years after waking up

A woman who miraculously gave birth to a baby boy while in a coma has died, almost four after waking up.

The internet seems to think Meghan Markle is pregnant

The ink on the wedding register hasn’t even dried properly after the nuptials of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and already there are rumours of a pregnancy.

13-year-old Bitcoin kidnapping victim has been found

His parents are said to still be at the police station with him. It's believed that he hasn't been harmed but is a bit shaken.

American parents take 30-year-old son to court when he refused to move out

A couple is hoping the law can help them evict their 30-year-old son from their home.

8 royal rules Meghan Markle must follow now that she's a Duchess

Meghan Markle married Prince Harry on Saturday and became the Duchess of Sussex and life as she knew it is officially over.

Sweet potato and butternut pies

A brilliant way to get your family to actually enjoy their veg!

Your stars today

See what the stars have in store for you today.

70-year-old Mexican woman claims she’s pregnant

She could potentially be dubbed the oldest mother in history if she gives birth.

Police warn employers to run a background check before hiring someone

Police are warning employers to check potential employees’ backgrounds.

Miss SA alumni share a few of their most memorable moments

A few Miss SA alumni filled us in on their most memorable moments as well as who their favourite Miss SA darling is.

WATCH: Hilarious bad lip reading of the royal wedding will have you in stitches

The popular YouTube page Bad Lip Readings took it upon themselves to guess what the royals were whispering to each other on the big day.

Khloé Kardashian reveals what surprises her about being a mom

“I’ve always been really patient with children and it’s come in handy now that I’m a mommy.”

Chicken with sun-dried tomato sauce

A flavourful summer supper!

Your stars today

See what the stars have in store for you today.

Two men arrested over 1988 murder of German backpacker

According to reports, Inga’s death in April 1988 “remains one of the region's most high-profile unsolved murders”.

Woman who clinically died twice defies the odds and becomes a bodybuilder!

Her heart defects also prevented her from taking part in any sports at school out of fear for her health.

Kate Hudson shows off her growing baby bump

The American actress, who’s expecting her third child, took to Instagram to share an update of her burgeoning belly.

Mi Casa signs global publishing deal

It’s been seven years since they started out in the industry and the boys have been making bold moves.

Ariana Grande is apparently ‘casually’ dating Pete Davidson

It seems Ariana Grande has found love again!

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