Five-year-old boy gets sister and dog out of burning house

A hero! Five-year-old Noah Woods recently woke up to find his bedroom on fire.

Mom calls 911 after baby’s formula runs out – and the officials deliver!

Running out of baby formula in the middle of the night is definitely an emergency when it results in an upset baby.

The signal Queen Elizabeth gives her staff when she’s had enough of a conversation

Over the years Queen Elizabeth has used some clever tricks to get herself out of boring conversations.

Bloemfontein woman gives part of her liver to friend

"It’s hard watching someone you love suffer."

Adele officiated at her best friend's wedding and brought the beats

Who needs second-rate serenading when Adele is around?


The USA is the home of the cheeseburger and it’s a hugely popular meal, whether it’s homemade, enjoyed in a restaurant or bought as a takeaway. Try this one for size.

Your stars today

See what the stars have in store for you today.

ENT doctor helps to deliver baby on plane

An ear-nose-throat (ENT) specialist successfully delivered a baby in mid-flight when the mother went into labour on board an aircraft.

Woman throws R10k divorce bash

Till death do us party!

Artist accepts live crocodile as payment for painting

An artist recently revealed how a customer offered to pay for one of his paintings with a crocodile – and he accepted.

WATCH: Kate Middleton holds a snake – and she looks terrified!

Looks like the Royal Duchess has made herself some new slippery friends.

Chicken and date casserole

Add a sweet twist to a chicken staple by including dates into the meal.

#StrongerTogether: YOU launches platform for rape and domestic violence survivors to share their stories

Uyinene Mrwetyana. Janika Mallo. Lynette Volschenk. Leighandre Jagels. Jesse Hess.

Crocs is launching KFC-themed clogs – and it smells like chicken!

In probably the least expected turn of events for New York Fashion Week, Kentucky Fried Chicken released their collaboration with Crocs on something finger lickin’ good, but bizarre.

WATCH: Duchess Meghan celebrates after receiving exciting news

It seems the Duchess of Sussex, who was the guest editor of British Vogue’s special September 2019 issue titled Forces for Change, can now add bestselling magazine editor to her CV.

Man buries Big Mac meal then digs it up and eats it a year later

A man who buried his Big Mac meal in his friend’s garden dug it up over a year later and ate it to celebrate his 40th birthday.

Amber Rose reveals new forehead tattoo – and the internet isn’t sure how it feels about it!

She’s certainly no stranger to controversy but, dare we say it, Amber Rose, may just have gone too far this time?

Tahini shortbread

Fun, flirty and delicious. This tahini shortbread will have taste buds tingling at the dinner table.

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