Woman becomes friends with stranger who saved her life

An American woman was saved by a Good Samaritan when she collapsed in a supermarket.

Duchess Meghan reveals what her first job was – and you’d never guess what it is!

As part of their Australian tour Meghan and Prince Harry (34) visited Macarthur Girls High School in Sydney on 19 October where the 37-year-old revealed to the young ladies what her first job was.

WATCH: Trump doppelganger uses his likeness to sell hotdogs

A Paraguayan hot dog seller has become famous for his resemblance to US President Donald Trump and admits the similarities between the two have helped him to boost his business.

Pistorius family patriarch dies aged 101

Pistorius family patriarch, Hendrik Pistorius, died in the early hours of Friday morning, at the age of 101.

Oxtail stew

If the winter weather is starting to get you down and your family needs a bit of pampering, this delicious YOU recipe is just the thing.

Your stars today

See what the stars have in store for you today.

Man who was nearly crushed to death by hay bales creates hilarious Tinder bio

A 27-year-old man from Virginia in USA who nearly died after getting crushed by bales of hay weighing more than 1 360kg is still hoping to find love.

David Beckham admits marriage isn’t always smooth sailing and it takes ‘hard work’

The former soccer star talked candidly about his relationship with wife, Victoria.

Woman heartbroken over furbaby who’s still missing after car accident

It’s not the accident which almost claimed her life two months that gives her nightmares.Though it was scary, it’s the loss of her beloved dog that keeps her tossing and turning at night.

Limpopo woman reunited with her biological dad after 35 years

Just like the character played by Amanda Seyfried in the hit movie Mamma Mia!, 35-year-old Diana Becker’s dad could have been one of three men.

Ariana Grande covers up Pete Davidson tattoo with a plaster

It seems in the space of just a few days, the pop star has managed to put her whirlwind romance behind her.

Teenagers accused of baking cookies using grandfather’s ashes and giving them to classmates

A US high school learner has been accused of baking a batch of cookies using her grandfather’s cremated remains and handing them out to classmates – who ate them.

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