WATCH: Toni Braxton shares some major news in Braxton Family Values teaser

In the promo video, the seven-time Grammy Award winner proudly announces that she had an announcement to make.

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Here's the meaning of the 6 most common dreams

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This 44-year-old hilariously recreates famous celebrity pictures – and we love it!

He has the internet in stitches!

10 spectacular 'secret' beaches in South Africa

Did your favourite spot make our list?

WATCH: Man caught on CCTV trying to ‘get sneak peek up woman’s skirt’

He appears to be taking a photo or video on his phone.

Lionel Richie calls Sofia’s relationship with Scott Disick a ‘phase’

A father knows best, right?

Your stars today

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South African couple travels the world to recreate their wedding pictures – here’s why

They’ve been to 11 different countries so far!

Kidnapping prevention - 8 tips that could keep your child safe

One minute your child is there, the next minute they’re gone.

Is it ever a good idea to get back with your ex?

You miss them so much - is it a sign you’re meant to be together, come what may?

Aubergine cheese bake

This simple layered cheese and vegetable bake could rival moussaka.

Daughter pays tribute to ‘courageous’ cancer mom in topless photoshoot

An Australian woman has paid tribute to her brave mom.

Detective ‘Diehard’ retires after 37 years and 26 bullets

“You realise you’re a policeman. You have to risk danger so law and order can be maintained.”

Estranged siblings meet for the first time after discovering a shocking 50-year family secret

“I loved him as soon as we hugged for the first time.”

Meatball bean sauce

This goes well with your favourite starch.

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Unattractive women more likely to cheat on their partners, new study shows

How do you know if your partner is likely to cheat on you?

SNEAK PEEK : 7 epic pics from Black Panther

Before you settle into your seats, here are seven epic pics to get you excited about the blockbuster everyone’s talking about!

WATCH: Black Panther star gets emotional while discussing the impact of the film

South African’s and the rest of the world are waiting with baited breath to watch Marvel’s latest film.

Then and now: Looking back on Jen and Justin’s romance

After two and a half years of marriage, Jennifer Aniston (49) and Justin Theroux (46) have announced that they are separating.

Ciara and Russell Wilson share adorable first picture of their daughter Sienna

She’s just ‘the sweetest angel’ ever!

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Mom fights to get cruel tweet of her disabled daughter removed

“We have to deal with so many challenges, but because of her my life is better."

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