Woman gives birth to son days after husband dies in same hospital

"Looking back, I think the other doctors were really sugar coating his condition and how bad it was."

Fan sues Madonna for starting her concerts late

A fan is suing Madonna for moving her concerts to a later time – and the singer isn’t having any of it!

Gauteng family looking for answers after man goes missing

It’s been almost a month since a Pretoria man went missing – and his family is losing hope they’ll ever see him again.

Emilia Clarke wants to be James Bond: ‘It would be the coolest thing ever’

Could the Mother of Dragons be the next 007?

WATCH: Samaritan’s moving gesture to visually impaired pair

A Good Samaritan? No, he just wants to enrich the lives of those in need – he’s not seeking recognition or rewards.

Rodent infestation at Buckingham Palace leaves Queen Elizabeth ‘horrified’

A pest-control squad was called to Buckingham Palace to tackle a rodent infestation after health inspectors found mouse and rat droppings on-site.

Mexican flame-grilled chicken

#StrongerTogether: YOU launches platform for rape and domestic violence survivors to share their stories

Uyinene Mrwetyana. Janika Mallo. Lynette Volschenk. Leighandre Jagels. Jesse Hess.

Your stars today

See what the stars have in store for you today.

Teen dies two weeks after being raped by friends

A 17-year-old girl has died in hospital after allegedly being gang raped by four teenage friends.

Victoria Beckham pokes fun at her serious facial expressions – and it’s epic!

She’s faced endless criticism over the years for her infamous poker face but it seems rather than be offended by it Victoria Beckham is able to poke fun at herself.

Escalator swallows man and breaks his leg

A man broke his leg after he got sucked in by a shopping mall escalator.

Matt Damon in awe of Tom Cruise’s daredevil stunts

Bourne series star Matt Damon has said that he can’t compete with Tom Cruise’s drive to pull off dangerous stunts.

Hearty beef pie

Marinating the beef in amasi ensures the meat is tender and juicy.

Local boy with brittle bone disease defies the odds

Despite his difficulties Liam is an upbeat and happy little fighter.

Mom battling terminal cancer has hair made into diamond for daughter

The young woman was told the devastating news that she was terminally ill after doctors sent her for an ultrasound.

Child electrocuted at nursery school dies in mom’s arms

A young child has died in his mother’s arms after suffering an electric shock at nursery school.

This student looks just like Jennifer Lopez – and it’s freaking us out!

Jennifer Lopez, is that you?

Portuguese custard tartlets

Arguably one of the greatest pastries to binge-eat is the Portuguese custard tartlet. Its crisp, flaky crust holds a creamy custard center.

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