Toddler can’t play in the sunlight due to rare eye condition

A tot born with a rare eye condition who experiences pain in the sunlight has been dubbed “our little vampire girl” by her doting parents.

Siblings with rare disorder hope for a miracle cure

Four Pakistani siblings suffering from an extremely rare skin disorder that’s destroyed the nose of one and partially blinded another are living in hope of a miraculous cure.

Animal lover leaves €1 million to dog that saved his life

An animal lover changed his will to leave €1 million to his pet dog after the poodle saved his life when he had a heart attack.

Marine gender reveal with military brothers while deployed 13 000km from home

“The feeling of knowing I had so many of my people around me to share this announcement truly made it special."

Bean and sausage stew

A wholesome, budget-friendly cold day in warmer.

Mom shares heartwarming photo of baby hugging dying twin sister for the last time

A mom shared a heartrending photo of her premature baby hugging her twin sister – just days before she passed away almost two years ago.

Could your ex be making you physically ill?

Can you really become ill from a broken heart, or is it all psychosomatic?

Woman left paralysed after completing half-marathon

An American athlete revealed how she was struck down by a terrifying nerve condition that left her paralysed from the waist down.

Toddler miraculously survives after being born with brain outside skull

A tot who was given just minutes to live after being born with her brain outside her skull has made an astounding recovery.

Peanut butter and Amarula mousse tart

This fabulous fridge tart is oh-so-easy to make!

Your weekend stars

See what the weekend stars have in store for you.

Kempton Park teen slowly going blind

Over the course of two years she’d noticed her vision deteriorating, but at first her mom didn’t really believe her – especially not when she complained of having double vision.

Mother-and-daughter duo diagnosed weeks apart beat the Big C

"When I first found a lump I never imagined it would be cancer, but my shock diagnosis prompted mom's diagnosis eight weeks later as she also found a lump.

Meghan’s brand-new coat of arms is a major break with royal tradition – here’s why

Kensington Palace today unveiled the Duchess of Sussex’s brand-new coat of arms

WATCH: Will Smith addresses Jada Pinkett Smith divorce rumours in new song

Will Smith finally addresses the divorce rumours he and Jada Pinkett Smith regularly face!

Prince Harry apparently shared a tearful phone call with Chelsy Davy before royal wedding

Moving on from a relationship can be pretty hard!

Tiramisu ice cream cake

Tiramisu ice cream cake is as easy as making layered Tiramisu!

Your stars today

See what the stars have in store for you today.

Patient afforded damages after surgeon operates on the wrong part of his arm

A British patient recently woke up in hospital to find that the surgeon had operated on the wrong part of his arm.

Mom who gave birth while in coma dies years after waking up

A woman who miraculously gave birth to a baby boy while in a coma has died, almost four after waking up.

The internet seems to think Meghan Markle is pregnant

The ink on the wedding register hasn’t even dried properly after the nuptials of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and already there are rumours of a pregnancy.

13-year-old Bitcoin kidnapping victim has been found

His parents are said to still be at the police station with him. It's believed that he hasn't been harmed but is a bit shaken.

American parents take 30-year-old son to court when he refused to move out

A couple is hoping the law can help them evict their 30-year-old son from their home.

8 royal rules Meghan Markle must follow now that she's a Duchess

Meghan Markle married Prince Harry on Saturday and became the Duchess of Sussex and life as she knew it is officially over.

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