Seagull steals chihuahua from family’s garden

A woman in England has been left distraught after a seagull flew away with her miniature Chihuahua.

Man missing for 10 years found behind grocery store freezer

The remains of an American supermarket employee who went missing almost 10 years ago have been found behind a freezer inside the store.

Joburg man still in ICU almost 400 days after paragliding accident

It breaks her heart to see her once vibrant son so helpless in his hospital bed.

Girl crushed to death after inflatable water slide collapses

An eight-year-old girl was crushed to death after an inflatable slide she was on collapsed.

You won’t believe what the queen’s favourite TV show is!

It looks like Queen Elizabeth is also a series binge watcher – and no, it’s not The Crown!

Mocha cheesecake slices

This mocha cheesecake is a perfect recipe for any coffee lover.

Your stars today

See what the stars have in store for you today.

WATCH: Young men help fulfil an elderly man’s wish to ride one last wave

When an American man and his friends were approached by an elderly woman with a special request, they just couldn’t turn her away.

Selena Gomez an elegant maid of honour at cousin’s wedding

The singer and actress looked chic in a black off-the-shoulder gown while playfully posing for pics at the ceremony.

Boy loses hand after neighbour throws lit firecracker at him

A 10-year-old boy’s life has been severely altered after his neighbour threw a lit homemade firecracker at him on his birthday.

Student raps his 10 000-word thesis – and passes with honours

One student took a creative approach, opting to rap his 10 000-word dissertation in a 21-track album.

The bizarre items Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles carry when they travel has us shook!

It seems Queen Elizabeth and son Prince Charles are prepared for any situation!

Watch: Serena Williams beat five men simultaneously on the tennis court

Serena Williams just showed these five men a thing or two about the game of tennis – and we’re all for it!

North African-inspired shank soup

This hearty soup is bursting with flavour!

Your stars today

See what the stars have in store for you today.

Throuple get candid about their polyamorous relationship

A married couple opened their marriage to include a woman they met on Tinder.

Four ways to take control of your emails

Being bombarded by a flood of messages every day can be a major source of stress. Here’s how to take control of your inbox.

Harry Styles reportedly in talks to play Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid remake

It appears Harry Styles might be going under the sea.

Local teen turns tragic childhood misfortune into songs of hope through opera

Abandoned at birth, Bianca Solomons has grown up to be an accomplished opera singer with dreams of hitting the big time.

Too lazy to remove your makeup before bed? Try these shortcuts

Removing your makeup before you go to sleep is a must!

‘How my brother’s death changed my life’

After watching her brother lose his battle with bone cancer, Jasmine Smith was inspired to become a paediatrician.

This local model went from posting pictures on Instagram to owning the runway in Paris

As kid she was taunted for being so tall and skinny – but no one’s laughing at her now.

Kate and William head to Caribbean island for Prince George’s 6th birthday

Prince George will be ringing in his 6th birthday on a tropical island.

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