Woman wakes up from coma after 28 years

A Middle Eastern woman who was left in a vegetative state for 28 years after a car crash has regained full consciousness.

Vanessa Hudgens grateful for relationship with ex Zac Efron

Despite their split in 2010, Vanessa Hudgens says she’s appreciative of Zac Efron and the relationship they shared.

British father pays emotional tribute to wife and children who were killed in Sri Lanka attack

A father whose entire family were killed in the alleged terror attack in Sri Lanka has paid an emotional tribute to his children and his wife.

Baked sweet potatoes with Thai peanut chicken

These sweet potatoes with Thai peanut butter chicken are the perfect addition to a boisterous dinner! irresistible plant based dinner recipe!

Royal baby watch: Meghan's mother, Doria, has arrived in the UK

Although the royal baby's due date remains a bit of a mystery, we just received another major hint that it will be soon!

Your stars today

See what the stars have in store for you today.

Chance meeting 15 years ago led to an incredible sacrifice that gave a sick teenager a new kidney and the gift of life

"I refer to her as my kidney mom. The selfless woman who’s the reason I’m still here today"

Man proposes with ring bought for his ex – and the internet isn’t having it!

It would seem everyone is getting behind the recycling trend.

Three-year-old with rare birth defect takes her first steps

It’s been quite a roller-coaster ride since we spoke to the Maropa family last year – and a lot has changed.

My dog has diabetes

It’s more common than you think! Here are the warning signs – and what to do if you think your dog is sick.

Ouch! My phone is hurting me

We tap, we text, we scroll, we snap – most of us couldn’t live without our smartphones.

Brown rice and quinoa salad

Enjoy this simple brown rice and quinoa salad recipe for a low fat meal idea!

Your stars today

See what the stars have in store for you today.

Teacher holds teen pupils’ baby during class so she’s able to follow the lesson

Heartwarming images show a teacher holding the baby son of a 16-year-old schoolgirl so she can concentrate on her studies in class.

The touching moment a dog refused to leave dead pals’ side

Heartbreaking photos of a dog licking its dead canine companion as the devoted pooch refused to leave her best friend’s side has captured the hearts of netizens.

WATCH: Cheeky motorist pays speeding fine with a huge sack of coins

A cheeky motorist took a bag full of coins into a police station to pay off his speeding fine.

Twins miraculously born more than three months apart – and in different years!

These twin girls from Germany were born more than three months apart in what medics believe is a world record.

Indian chicken curry

Dry curries, like this one, are cooked with little liquid, which is allowed to evaporate, leaving the ingredients coated with the spice mixture.

Devastated parents lose both children less than a month apart

Young parents were left devasted after both their sons died weeks apart from the same rare disease.

German woman claims she's a mermaid born in the wrong body

A German woman who was born deaf claims she’s a mermaid born in the wrong body.

Mom falls into coma during birth – and meets baby five months later

A young mom who fell into a coma during her near-fatal Caesarean section has finally woken up and met her baby son for the first time.

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