#StrongerTogether: YOU launches platform for rape and domestic violence survivors to share their stories

Uyinene Mrwetyana. Janika Mallo. Lynette Volschenk. Leighandre Jagels. Jesse Hess.

Pretoria woman walks 729km to heal from brutal rape

She decided to do something to regain the power she was robbed of when raped.

Mom of 10 boys thrilled to welcome 11th baby – and it’s a girl!

A mom of 10 boys has announced she's welcomed an 11th baby – but this time it's a beautiful baby girl!

The internet seems to think Rihanna is pregnant – and this is why!

Is that a baby bump we see?

Pear and apple cobbler

Serve warm with whipped cream or plain yoghurt (if using).

Your weekend stars

See what the weekend stars have in store for you.

This artist uses glitter to show the beauty of stretch marks

The influencer started photographing friends and family and decorated their stretch marks with biodegradable glitter.

Woman doesn’t realise she’s pregnant – until just 24 hours before giving birth

What this 46-year-old woman dismissed as menopause was actually pregnancy.

Demi Moore reveals she was raped at 15 and abused pain medication after her miscarriage

"My value was tied into my body."

The internet is obsessed with this woman’s beautiful big eyes – and we totally see why!

She's been bombarded with new fans after people realised she looks like Japanese anime character Alita Battle Angel.

The Duchess of Sussex joined WhatsApp for the first time – and this is her favourite emoji

The Royal WhatsApp group has a new member!

Chilli chicken stew

A quick, easy stew that’s perfect for a weeknight.

Your stars today

See what the stars have in store for you today.

Dad shares tear-jerking tribute to sons as they leave home for university

Watching your children leave the nest is hard for any parent.

Toddler accidentally kills mom after closing window on her neck

A mom died on her 21st birthday after getting her neck stuck in the closing window of her family car.

Head injury causes teenager’s memory to ‘reset’ to 11 June every two hours

A traumatic head injury has stopped a teen from making new memories.

Mom brought obese teen takeaways on his deathbed

A teenage boy died after his long battle with obesity.

Prince William remembers Princess Diana with a sweet throwback photo

The Duke of Cambridge took royal fans down memory lane with a rare childhood throwback pic.

Granola and apple muffins

When time isn’t on your side pre-packaged pastry and cake mixes can be your best friend. No one will ever guess these sweet treats came from a packet!

Your stars today

See what the stars have in store for you today.

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