‘007’ pastor helps catch alleged conman in Spur restaurant

By admin
20 January 2016

Restaurant-goers who went for a burger special at the Spur in Bellville got more than they’d bargained for recently when a real 007-style drama unfolded before their eyes.

Restaurant-goers who went for the two-for-one burger special at the Spur in Bellville got more than they’d bargained for on Monday when a real 007-style drama unfolded before their eyes.

A man was arrested for fraud thanks to a pastor who, acting like an unlikely double agent, lured the man to the restaurant so the cops could apprehend him.

YOU’s Jacques Myburgh heard about the plan and experienced the drama first hand:

"The Reno Spur in in Bellville was relatively quiet for a Monday night. Here and there men in suits sat talking and enjoying an after-work beer or taking advantage of the “burger special”, unaware that detectives from the Kleinvlei police station were sitting in a corner of the smoking section, watching things closely.

Johan du Toit, a pastor from Kingsway Revival Ministry, sat dressed in a sleeveless top, wearing a cap with “#SAVE” on it. He sipped at his cooldrink while a broad-shouldered man grinned opposite him.

According to Johan, the man had conned a member of his congregation out of R40 000. He’d apparently promised he would sell some land for a reasonable price, and the deposit was R40 000. But once he’d got the money, he allegedly disappeared without trace. His female victim was not available for comment.

“He sent me a friend request on Facebook. I asked the woman if she knew the person and she said he was the conman who’d taken her money. I started chatting to the guy on Facebook and later on WhatsApp until I’d won his confidence,” Johan says.

According to 'Pastor 007' the suspect admitted his sins to him. “I told him we had to chat about how we were going to solve the problem and how he was going to pay back the money to the woman. He agreed to meet me at the Spur.” Police have apparently been looking for the suspect since November 2015.

“Once I’d set a date with him, I told the police. They agreed to wait for the suspect when I met him.”

Johan and the accused sat chatting for 20 minutes before the three policemen moved closer and seated themselves next to Pastor 007 and the alleged conman.

The cops briefly interrogated the suspect before whipping out a pair of handcuffs.  The man appeared to know he’d been caught and did not resist when the police asked him to stand up and put his hands behind his back.

He was then marched out of the building – watched by amazed patrons who stopped eating – and taken to the Kleinvlei police station.

Johan says he’s glad they were finally able to capture the alleged fraudster. “He caused that member of my congregation a lot of pain and frustration.”

Captain Florina Muller of Kleinvlei police station confirmed the incident and said the suspect is expected to appear in the Kleinvlei magistrate’s court on Thursday.

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