10 Cheap and fun things to do over the weekend

By admin
29 December 2014

We all know how precious our free time is over the weekends. It’s the perfect time for unwinding and trying out some exciting activities. If you’re short of cash or want to try and save a bit extra each month, try out these cheap and fun things. We promise they won’t leave your purse feeling empty!

  1. Visit a friend at their home or invite some friends over. Make some popcorn, bake a batch of muffins and just catch up.
  2. Take your dog on a long walk to a nearby park or around the block. You’ll get some exercise while giving your pet a chance to stretch their legs.
  3. Help out at an orphanage. Give up some of your time to help those in need. You could play with the children, help with DIY tasks or just offer help with whatever needs doing.
  4. Take a hike! Check out everytrail.com for suggestions on where to go. Hiking is an inexpensive way of getting to see our beautiful country.
  5. Visit a local market. There are usually loads of tasters on offer, and you can have a fabulous day out without breaking the bank.
  6. Go surfing. Many popular beaches offer surfing lessons for a few bucks. Or you could rent a surfboard for under R100 and spend some time trying to master the waves.
  7. Visit your grandparents or other family. They’ll appreciate your visit and may even treat you to some home-made goodies!
  8. Browse the second-hand stores for some vintage treats.
  9. Read! It costs nothing and is definitely going to make you smarter. Get lost in a good book, take your mind on a new adventure and learn something more about yourself and the world.
  10. Visit a museum or art gallery. Many of them cost under R50 and offer discounts for learners. You’ll be adding valuable ammunition to your general knowledge at the same time!

- Megan Bursey

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