10 clever lifehacks that will keep your home clean

By Samantha Luiz
03 January 2017

To make things easier, we've compiled a list of surprising (and cheap) hacks to help you remove that stubborn stain, keeping your home clean and smelling fresh.

Cleaning the house can be quite a tiresome task. No matter how much you scrub, some stains just won't come out.

1. Remove bad smells from your fridge with newspapers

Nothing will kill your appetite more than bad smells coming from your fridge. Try lining your shelves and vegetable drawers with newspaper as this will absorb any lingering smells.

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2. Use cinnamon to make your house smell sweet

Besides being a great addition to desserts, cinnamon can be used to make your house smell sweet. Allow a few cinnamon sticks (or sprinklings if you only have the ground type) to boil in a saucepan of water. Then allow the concoction to simmer, as the smell fills your house. Boiling fresh mint leaves also creates the same result.

3. Use bicarbonate of soda to clean your oven

Bicarbonate of soda and water make a good cleaning combination. All you have to do is wipe the oven down to make it damp, before putting a thick layer of bicarbonate of soda. Allow it to rest for a few hours, before wiping the grime away.

4. Sanitise sponges in the microwave

To sanitize your sponges, put them in a container with water and place in the microwave for about a minute.

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5. Steam-clean your microwave

To get rid of those dried up spills, place one cup of vinegar and water into microwavable container in the microwave for about ten minutes, then wipe away the stains.

6. Use vinegar to clean your shower head

Try putting plastic bags filled with vinegar around your shower head to effectively remove any stains.

7. Use lemon to clean faucets or other stainless steel

Use half of a cut lemon to clean and shine your household taps.

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8. Use post-it notes or earbuds to clean keyboards

A really simple way to keep your keyboard free of dirt. In the case of post-it notes, just slide the sticky side between the keyboard keys.

9. Remove pet hair with rubber gloves

This trick is great for removing pet hair from your carpet and even clothes. All you have to do is just run over the surface with dampened rubber gloves and the hairs will be stick to the gloves.

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10. Use shaving foam to clean your mirror

To clean or defog mirrors, simply rub shaving foam on the surface before wiping away with a clean damp cloth.

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