10 fun things to do with your kids

By admin
09 December 2016

Here are a few great plans to keep you busy on cold, boring days.

The last week of the school holidays has rolled around and if you’re fortunate enough to be home with your kids, you might be looking for some exciting ideas to fill your time.

Here are a few great plans to keep you busy on cold, boring days.

1. Build a fort together

Go camping in your living room. Click here to gets tips on how to build the perfect fort with your kids.

2. Have a movie marathon with hot chocolate and marshmallows

Go ahead and prep your couch for a whole day of cosiness. Here’s a list of family-friendly movies your kids will love.

3. Play hopscotch inside

When it’s cold and rainy outside this is the perfect way to simplify your kids’ play. All you need is painter’s tape and a lot of energy!

4. Let them bake pancakes

Pancakes are perfect for days spent indoors. So get the kids into baking and make it fun! Click here for an amazing recipe. 5. Make a ball maze

This will keep them busy for hours in a fun and creative way! Click here for the instructions.

6. Let them paint a with edible finger paint!

No, we’re not kidding! Hop over to The Imagination Tree  for the recipe.

7. Find the next Living Room Idol

Turn your living room into centre stage and tell the kids to share their talents by singing a song of their choosing. They’ll love it. And don’t forget to snap away for everlasting memories! 8. Get loopy by making cereal jewellery

Make a rainbow cereal necklace for them to snack on! Click here to find out how.

9. Put on a puppet show

Now who doesn’t love good puppet theatre? It will definitely ensure a lot of excitement, fun and happy faces all round!

10. Let them get creative with DIY dish decorating

Colouring on the walls? Frowned upon. Colouring on cheap dishes? Totally okay! See how The Sweetest Occasion turns colourful doodles into permanent dinnerware decorations.

- Janine Nel

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