10 Make-up mistakes

By admin
31 May 2013

Are you adding years to your face by using the wrong cosmetics?


“The biggest mistake more mature women make is to wear too much foundation,” make-up artist Algeria

Ferreira says.

FIX Avoid cakey, thick foundation by applying moisturiser first. Choose a foundation that is the right

texture for your skin.

2 “Too much powder accentuates lines,” make-up artist Rose Bruins says.

FIX Lightly dust fine translucent powder over your skin to seal the make-up then use facial blotters for

touch-ups during the day.

3 “Many women use foundation to look tanned and choose one that’s too dark,” make-up artist Liz Kaplan


FIX Test the colour on the side of your face when you’re wearing no make-up. The colour should almost

disappear. Eye make-up 4“Bright, shiny, frosted shadows look garish and accentuate crêpiness,” Rose says. FIX Stick to muted, matte shadows. 5 “Eyebrows that are too dark are very ageing”, Algria advises. FIX Don’t go more than two shades darker on your brows.

6 “Solid, pencilled-in eyebrows age you instantly,” Liz says

FIX Use brow powders or matte eyeshadow in a shade that matches your brows.


“Solid stripy blush lines on your cheeks look oldfashioned,” Algria says. FIX Use a big blusher brush to apply and blend your blusher. 8“Bronzing blushers look flat and grimy,” Rose says. FIX Opt for soft peach or rosy pink blushers.


9“Rich, glossy lipsticks bleed into lines,” Rose says. FIX Fill in the whole lip area with a lip pencil, then apply a satinfinish lipstick. 10 Visible lipliner teamed with a pearly lipstick really makes you look old,” Algria says. FIX Use a lip pencil in a shade that matches your lipstick.

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