10 things everyone should know how to do

By admin
03 October 2013

Are you the kind of person people enjoy having around – in fun times and during moments of crisis? Here are 10 skills everyone should master.

Are you the kind of person people enjoy having around – in fun times and during moments of crisis? If not do you wish you were that person? It’s not as complicated as it sounds – it’s about taking the time to do a bit of research and develop the skills so you feel confident to deal with anything life throws at you. Here are 10 skills everyone should master:

1 Order the wine at dinner

Experiment and figure out what you like – in both red and white. Do a bit of reading so you’re clued up about the various wine labels and can make a good selection. Tip: often the cheapest wine on the menu is the one that has the biggest mark-up so represents the worst value for money – and it can also be real plonk. Rather spring for a more expensive bottle. So what if it costs R30-R50 more a bottle – divided between a party of four it won’t break the bank but do keep in mind the budget limitations of your dining companions.

2 How to make small talk

Work on becoming comfortable talking to anyone. It’s called small talk for a reason – it’s a way for strangers or people who haven’t seen each other for a while to reconnect. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring – keep it light and fun. Don’t scare people by becoming intense and heavy too quickly.

3 Tell a joke

It’s like telling a story: beginning, middle, end. Throw in some dramatic pauses to build suspense. And don’t forget the punchline.

4 Do the Heimlich manoeuvre

You never know when it could come in handy. Someone could be choking on a piece of gristle -- you owe it to them to spare them from dying in such an undignified manner.

This video demonstrates how:

5 Use chopsticks

Pick up the first chopstick with your middle finger and thumb. This one is your anchor -- it should not move. Grip the second chopstick with your index finger and thumb. This is the stick that moves. Make sure the narrow tips of the chopsticks are even with each other to prevent them from crossing. Now practise, practise, practise.

6 Cook a perfect steak

There's nothing worse than cremated steak. Do some research and experiment – you friends will thank you for it!

7 How to parallel park

Imagine the scene: you arrive at a trendy street cafe where Charlize Theron-lookalikes are sitting drinking espresso and looking über cool. Outside is the perfect parking spot. You can't be the fool who makes three attempts to parallel park and then gives up and has to drive three blocks down the road to find a double bay for your car.

8 Dance socially

Don’t be the drip who’s always hanging around on the sidelines, watching everyone else dancing because you’re too scared to venture onto the floor in case you embarrass yourself. If you are the ultimate klutz it’s worth investing in lessons.

9 Flirt without looking silly

Be fun and flirtatious yet polite and respectful. Avoid cheesy pick-up lines. Cringeworthy examples: “I put the STD in stud, now all I need is you.” “My shirt would look great on your bedroom floor.”

10 Calculate the tip

Take the total amount of your bill and calculate a percentage for the tip. Generally tips fall in a range between 5% and 20% of the total, depending on how happy you were with the service. Most phones have calculators which makes life easier. If you’re not comfortable working with percentages practise until you are.


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