10 things for kids to do in the holidays

By admin
23 December 2013

The holidays are here and children are enjoying the summer, sea and outdoor fun.

But what can they do to amuse themselves if the clouds gather overhead and the weather turns rainy? Here are a few things that takes it back to basics if you don't want them plonking in front of the TV or playing videogames:

  1. Bake some brownies (they'll be busy and happy when they taste their sweet treats!). Get the recipe HERE.
  2. Get a complicated jigsaw puzzle and give a reward for the person who finishes first.
  3. Play a board game. We suggest Scrabble, 30 Seconds and Settlers of Catan.
  4. Turn the lounge into a stage and hold a talent competition.
  5. Build houses from cardboard. Give the children old boxes, sticky tape and a pair of scissors and let them build a house. They’ll be keen to have their own house. Alternately, haul out a few sheets and make tents around your house.
  6. If it’s windy fly a kite.
  7. Set up a Skype link with Granny and Grandpa if they're not close. This should keep the children busy for some time.
  8. Build a drum set comprising empty buckets and containers for drums and sticks for drum sticks.
  9. Make paper aircraft with waste paper. If you live in a double-storey house the children can fly them from the top storey.
  10. Write a story. It needn’t be an original story; it can be their favourite story. Just get them to come up with their own ending.

- Marelize Potgieter

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