10 things to never say to pregnant women

11 February 2015

There are some things you just never say to a mom-to-be...

  1. Was it planned? How, when, where and why a child was conceived is nobody’s business but the parents’.
  2. Wow, you’re bigger than anyone I’ve ever seen! If a pregnant woman has put on weight or has ballooned while carrying her unborn baby, she knows it. There’s no need to point it out to her. It’s insensitive and only does further damage to her already vulnerable self-image.
  3. Have you gained a lot of weight already? To repeat, a woman’s pregnancy weight is her business. It’s also insensitive of you to ask.
  4. Twins? Wow, you’re going to be run off your feet. A mom-to-be knows the new arrival is going to be demanding, especially if there are two. Don’t make her even more anxious.
  5. I can’t believe you haven’t yet fixed up the nursery/bought a car seat/planned the christening! Preparations for a new arrival are a personal issue and it’s insensitive to pile pressure on parents about what they should have ready when. These kinds of remarks probably only make the parents anxious.
  6. I assume you’ll breastfeed? Not only is the decision to breastfeed a personal one, there are women who can’t breastfeed for medical reasons. So don’t foist your personal opinion about breastfeeding on others with these kinds of statements.
  7. Are you going back to work so soon after the birth? This question is critical of a woman’s decision to go back to work and implies she’s neglecting her child. It’s uncalled for.
  8. When I was pregnant I never did this, only that. Each woman’s pregnancy is a unique, personal journey. Don’t foist the decisions you made during your pregnancy onto someone else.
  9. It’s high time you were pregnant! Every couple has the right to decide when they want to fall pregnant and it’s no one’s business if they wait longer than their friends or family would like. There could also be medical reasons why they’re waiting before starting a family, which is why this statement could be hurtful.
  10. It’s a pity it’s another boy/girl. Parents love their children, no matter their gender. If your friend is expecting her third boy in a row, rather support her than making these kinds of hurtful comments.

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