10 things you didn’t know about Sasha-Lee

By admin
21 January 2012

1 It features the Idols single, True Believer.

2 Sasha-Lee recorded a track in Los Angeles with talented production team The Heavyweights - the outcome is the ballad Before You.

3 Her duet with fellow Idols winner Jason Hartman, I Finally Found Someone, is included as a bonus track.

4 The song Definition of a Woman was co-written by Kara DioGuardi, an American Idol judge.

5 Her favourite cereal is Coco Pops. “Give it to me any time - breakfast, lunch or supper!” she says.

6 Her dream holiday destination is Italy. “Besides it being beautiful I’m a complete sucker for romance and they say you’ll definitely see it there.”

7 She’d save her purse in the event of a fire. “At least I’ll have a bit of money to start over.”

8 She says Amanda Bynes’ character in She’s the Man describes her best. “She plays alongside the hot Channing Tatum. But he’s married now so my chances are blown.”

9 The song she wishes she wrote is Battlefield by Jordin Sparks. “I think the writer knew how to get into people’s minds and say exactly what people feel and it’s just so real and true. Honestly, when I heard it I was, like, ‘Oh man, I wanted to write that!’ ”

10 She hates spiders. “Besides looking creepy they can crawl into tiny spaces and bite you.”

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