10 tips for matrics: what to do before the exam

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03 October 2013

Matric learners around the country are in the home straight of preparing for the final exams, which start in less than four weeks’ time. Here are tips to make sure your preparation goes smoothly.

Matriculants are in the home strait of preparing for the final exams – we give tips to help you prepare

SO YOU’RE counting down the days to freedom and fun . . . but there’s just one hurdle to jump before you get there. We’ve compiled a handy 10-point reminder guide to help ensure your exam preparation goes smoothly.

  1. Plan Draw up a study roster that includes your classes, household chores and social engagements. Remember to set aside enough time for sleeping and don’t start studying again immediately after eating – take a break of at least 30 minutes after meals.
  2. Be positive Find ways of staying motivated, for example by rewarding yourself with a Facebook session after completing a section of work.
  3. Decide where to study If you don’t have a quiet, private place at home, arrange with a friend to study together at their home or go to the library.
  4. Take regular breaks Aim for 10-15 minutes after a session of 35-45 minutes
  5. Exercise to relieve stress – even if it’s only walking around the block. This will also help to improve your sleep.
  6. Underline or highlight important words and concepts in colour so they can stand out when you’re revising.
  7. File your notes in a folder and use coloured carton to separate the various areas of learning.
  8. Explain the work to a friend It’s an excellent way of studying.
  9. Don’t panic when you run out of time. Decide which sections are the most important and make sure you know them well.
  10. Don’t take medications that claim to sharpen your mind or keep you awake.

If you have access to the internet, go to you.co.za and download exam papers. CHECK for examples you can answer.

Shané Barnard

Source: YOU, 30 October 2008

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