10 Ways to be a better person

By admin
26 May 2014

Here are some fun and quick ways to be a slightly better person, ’cause life is just too short not to be!

  1. Don’t let your mom or grandmother leave you a voicemail because you can’t be bothered to roll off the couch.
  2. Tell your brother what really happened to his cat, Spotty, in 2005.
  3. Give your old clothes to charity so they might actually be able to give it to someone in need.
  4. Forget about Facebook and go old school by buying a stack of flowery cards and handwriting  birthday wishes!
  5. Always vote at elections – yes, even if it’s raining or The Vampire Diaries is on.
  6. At the next family wedding, make your dad or mom’s night by joining them in an extravagant dance-floor performance of your favourite song.
  7. Go out of your way to be really nice to the scared new kid at school.
  8. Don’t tell your boyfriend you’d probably save your shoes before him in a fire (even if it’s true).
  9. Shift up on the bus or train so someone else can squeeze onto the seat.
  10. Recycle your rubbish; you might just save the world!

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