10 years of Watershed

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23 April 2010

They’re loved from Potch to Plett, adored in Germany and admired in America. There isn’t much of the world they haven’t seen in their 10 years as one of South Africa’s most successful rock bands. But road trips, as the guys of

Watershed have discovered, mean sampling local delicacies too. And that’s not always such a good thing.

Pig wings are the worst, lead singer Craig Hinds says. “They’re disgusting. It’s the end of the pig’s ribs, basically just deep-fried cartilage. We ate them in Austin, Texas. Never again.”

The rest of the band – lead guitarist Nic Rush, drummer Peter Auret, bass player James Sunney and Hylton Brooker, who plays the keyboard – nod. Awful, they mutter. But hey, when you’re rockers you learn to take the rough with the smooth – and there has been plenty of smooth in this band’s decade-long career.

To commemorate their 10th anniversary they recently released a greatest hits album, A Million Faces: 20 Hits, 10 Years, and it’s bound to do as well as their previous offerings.

The Million Faces are “about stars”, Craig tells us when he and the band visit the YOU offices on the eve of their next trip, a tour of the UK, Austria and Germany. “The million faces are also a million stars. This album is really about the fans. Their faces feature on the album cover and it also implies stars in the astrological sense.”

In an industry where longevity is as precious as platinum and fans as fickle as quicksilver the guys of Watershed have found their niche and stuck to what works. “In the beginning we had a lot of luck with getting [the seminal hit] Indigo Girl on the radio but luck is opportunity with a lot of preparation,” says Craig, who has been with the band since the start.

“Since then it has been a simple thing of releasing albums and not trying to change what we are. Band members have come and gone; sometimes we’ve been four people, sometimes six, but we’re still the same Watershed we were 10 years ago.”

And they have no plan of stopping now.

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