11 fabulous fire pits from Pinterest

By admin
20 September 2013

Nostalgia for those cosy campfire moments – and National Braai Day on the 24 September Heritage Day holiday – has driven our blogger to seek out these inspiring fire pit ideas on Pinterest.

Nostalgia for those cosy campfire moments – and the approach of National Braai Day on the 24 September Heritage Day holiday – has driven our blogger to seek out these inspiring fire pit ideas on Pinterest. Now pass the marshmallows.

Put yourself in the picture: you’ve polished off a delicious braai meal and are settling back in your chair, toes stretched towards the warmth of the coals. The kids are toasting marshmallows and you’re letting the cares of the world wash away. Picture pinned from Lynette Dees From a cooking point of view you can’t argue against the benefits of an ultramodern built-in braai with rotisserie, griddle, potjie arm, warmer drawer and storage space for all the accessories and fuel. But for the best outdoor ambience my money is on a fire pit. 1 The romance of fire Picture pinned from Melissa M A blazing wood fire in a stone fire pit like this has double benefits: the height makes it safer if there are small kids around, and the stones absorb lots of heat, continuing to release the warmth as the flames die down. (See No 8 below for how to build one like this.) 2 Have a gas Picture pinned from syam.co.za You don’t have to go all caveman with your fire pit – gorgeous gas options for outdoor use like this one are available locally (google “fire pits south africa”) and can be designed specifically for your needs and style. You can’t cook on them but they’re great for atmosphere and warmth when you’re gathering outdoors. Plus you don’t have to clean out the ashes afterwards! Picture pinned from fixshack.co.za Who says your fire pit has to be round. This rectangular in-ground version (also a local design) makes a stylish statement on the stoep. 3 Take a seat

Picture pinned from bhg.com

I can imagine lots of good gatherings being held in this garden nook. Built-in seating is a boon as it doesn’t weather or have to be hauled outside when needed. Just make sure you have lots of cushions to keep the chill out of your bones. Picture pinned from millerlandscapeinc.com A more linear shape built from material that matches the patio paving is just as easy on the eye – and you can use long bench cushions for padding. 5 In the round Picture pinned from Kimberly Whitty I love this integrated outdoor area with the curve in the wooden deck tying in so beautifully with the stone paving around the fire pit. The high-backed seating on one side and the house on the other also provide protection from the wind. Clever design. 6 What a dish! Pictures pinned from hgtv.com (left) and Cathryn Morgan The design of the skottles in these two pictures is simple and effective. The shape conducts heat well and the whole thing is portable so you can move your fire pit to suit the weather and the occasion. Picture pinned from earthfire.co.za Here’s another portable design with a pleasing shape. It’s also available locally. 7 Fire pit for two Picture pinned from Greg Avila Here’s proof you don’t have to go big and elaborate. This mini version is perfect for a starter home or if you’re scaling down, as they say in the property ads. 8 Build your own

There are a few essentials to get right when you’re building a fire pit. For example, you have to ensure there’s ventilation at the bottom otherwise your fire won’t draw. You also have to be able to clean the pit easily – if you don’t have a lift-out lining you can create drainage in the base to allow you to flush away ash with a hosepipe. The material you use also has to be able to withstand heat so river rocks, for example, aren’t suitable as they may explode.

I thought these instructions looked easy enough to follow if you’re an able DIYer.

*Do you have a fire pit in your garden? Send me pictures at asteyn@media24.com so we can share them with our online community.

– Alfie Steyn

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