12 ways with Washi tape

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30 August 2013

Make gifts, cards and home décor items with this versatile adhesive tape which comes in every colour and imaginable design. Here are some inspiring ideas our blogger found on Pinterest this week.

I have a huge Washi tape habit. The minute I give in to the urge to buy one roll I’m lost – within no time I’m buying another, and another, and another . . .

So far I haven’t actually done much with these wonderfully colourful rolls of decorative adhesive tape other than trimming the edge of a kitchen cupboard door and dollying up a few gifts. I just love having them around. But the bright ideas I found on Pinterest this week are enough to inspire anyone to try their hand at creating a little Washi magic. 1 Tick tock Picture pinned from washitapecrafts.com There are about a bazillion Washi tape hues and designs so it’s possible to create décor items that perfectly match the colour scheme in your home. I love this bright little travel clock – and you can apply the same principle to bigger kitchen clocks too. For instructions click here 2 Don’t put a ring on it Picture left repinned from instagram.com, middle from weddingwindow.com and right from redtedart.com These coasters make lovely homemade Christmas gifts or wedding favours – or you could custom-make a set for your home in your favourite Washi tape design(s). The tape itself is fairly fragile so for this kind of project you have to add waterproof sealer or waterproof modge podge to make sure the coasters survive the first wet ring from a chilly glass.

Start from scratch with SupaWood coasters from craft shops or small ceramic tiles like in the middle picture above. Or refurbish tired old coasters – wash them well to remove grease then dry well or the tape won’t stick. Add Washi tape in the pattern of your choice. Add a coat of waterproof sealer or several coats of waterproof modge podge (allow to dry between coats). If you’ve used tiles, add stick-on felt pads to the bottom afterwards so they don’t scratch the furniture.

3 Crafty drawer fronts

Picture pinned from craftinessisnotoptional.com

What a bright idea. Blogger Jess@craftinessisnotoptional added Washi tape to the clear drawer fronts of a cabinet in her craft room. It will work equally well on solid drawers too – just make sure you cover the tape afterwards with several coats of a sealer such as modge podge. Allow to dry between coats and sand lightly after a few coats for improved adhesion.

4 Lucky kid

Picture pinned from the-pickled-herring.blogspot.com

Let your imagination run wild your child’s name in SupaWood letters (from craft shops) decorated in Washi tape. Because these are unlikely to be handled it’s not essential to add sealer but it would help to prevent the ends of the tape from curling eventually. One coat of sealer or modge podge should do the trick.

5 Classy gifts

Picture left pinned from konfettiform.com; picture right from brigitte.de

The monochrome design on the card on the left makes clever use of the fact Washi tape is see-through. And using that clip to attach it to the gift is so innovative. The red tags on the right are just right for Christmas – and the coloured butcher’s string rounds off the look perfectly.

6 Well-dressed candles

Picture pinned from theglitterguide.com

A lovely party idea. Match inexpensive tealights to your party theme with the simple addition of a strip of Washi tape.

7 Duly noted!

Picture pinned from liagriffith.com

How gorgeous are these Washi tape notebooks with matching pencils! They were created by blogger Lia Griffith – click here for instructions.

8 Any way you cut it

Picture pinned from tipjunkie.com

No prizes for guessing that the planter on the right has Washi tape stuck to it in bands. But how about the other planter and the vase? The fireworks designs are created by cutting Washi tape into thin strips and sticking them in a radiating pattern. If you want the look to last, you’ll have to seal the items as described for the coasters in No 2.

9 That’s mine!

Picture from Sew Trashy pinned by coolmomtech.com

Put an end to arguments about who the charger belongs to by customising yours in your favourite Washi tape. Or put matching tape at both ends of electrical cords to avoid all the tugging that goes with trying to unplug one of the myriad electrical items sharing the mutliplug.

10 Buy your Washi tape online

Picture from spree.co.za

I love these quirky monochrome designs. It’s among several three-packs of Washi tape (R116 a pack including packaging and postage) now offered by our online retail partner Spree. Click on the link and go straight to the “party and paper” selection in the fabulous new Gift section.


Done something fabulous featuring Washi tape? Send me your picture to share with our online community. E-mail to asteyn@media24.com.

– Alfie Steyn

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