13-year-old kills teacher with ‘bow and arrow’ made of pens

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21 April 2015

A 13-year-old yesterday killed a teacher and wounded three others with a bow and arrow he’d made out of pens.

The fatal incident happened at a high school in Barcelona, Spain.

Local media report that the boy arrived at school an hour late with the weapon hidden in his backpack.

He stormed into a classroom, took aim at a teacher, injuring her slightly. Her daughter, who also was in the classroom, was also hit.

A passing male teacher who’d witnessed the attack rushed in to help. The boy then discharged the weapon again, fatally hitting the teacher in the stomach.

A third person, also a learner, sustained injuries and is being treated at a hospital nearby.

Fellow learners claim the boy told them last week about his plans for an attack in which he wanted to kill himself and 25 teachers.

No one took his talk seriously, thinking that he was joking.

In Spain children can be help criminally culpable from age 14. The boy is in custody and is due to be referred for psychological evaluation

Sources: Sky News; The Independent

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