14-year-old girl falls prey to vicious bullying attack in video posted to Facebook

In a video shockingly similar to a recent bullying attack in Randfontein, Johannesburg, Kia Young is shown being thrown to the ground by another girl in front of a catcalling crowd of her peers  -- and yet she had to be the one to change schools.

The incident, which occurred in Staffordshire in the UK, left Kia with back pain, scratches and torn clothes, MailOnline reports.

The 14-year-old, who was set upon by an unnamed 15-year-old girl she has known since primary school, had only joined the school six weeks earlier. She was forced to move again for fear of more attacks.

'I couldn't get away from her and all her friends were egging her to carry on'

Kia says she was sent a series of nasty messages on Facebook from a group of girls the day before her ordeal. She blocked them, which provoked them take their bullying to the next level the following day.

"At dinnertime, I went to sit on the grass to read a history book with two friends when this group of girls came over.

"I got up and one girl said someone was going to hit me. Me being me, I tried to walk away and that's when another girl assaulted me. She started hitting me.

"I was petrified. But I couldn't get away from her and all her friends were egging her to carry on."

Afterwards, Kia reported the incident to a teacher and called her parents to collect her. She was so traumatised, she was left "crying in my sleep and vomiting all night." 

The next thing she knew, a video of her attack had been shared on Facebook and SnapChat -- and it was going viral. Even her grandmother had seen it, she said.

Initially, she felt scared and humiliated -- but the youngster decided to tackle the issue head-on, and shared the video to her own Facebook page to "show what really happens in schools".  Most of her friends were supportive but Kia also received "hate mail" from people who lambasted her for looking for attention.

Despite the video evidence against her attacker, the girl was only suspended from school for three days and given a police caution.

Her mother, Sharon (41) is demanding the school expel the bully.

"When I saw the video I cried. It made me feel sick to see all those girls standing around, including Kia's best friend, and no-one did anything to help her," she said.

"Where were the teachers when she was getting attacked? We need to take a stronger stance against bullying in schools and to prosecute the parents if the child is underage."

Sources: The Sun, MailOnline