14 years later – see what your favourite Love Actually couple looks like now

By Kirstin Buick
16 February 2017

Sam and Joanna are all grown up!

Fans of the Christmas classic are ecstatic over the news that Love Actually is getting a sequel – with the original cast to boot!

On Wednesday, director Richard Curtis announced a belated sequel to the film, The Guardian reports. Unfortunately, the new film won't be full-movie length and will air on TV rather than at the cinema.

Still, hopefully this means we'll finally get to find out what happened to the various couples in the British film -- especially the most adorable one, little drummer boy Sam (Thomas Brodie-Sangster,) and and his American songbird, Joanna (Olivia Olson).


The new offering will be released in honour of Red Nose Day in the UK, and (cleverly) titled Red Nose Day Actually.

Filmmakers have promised to bring back cast favourites like Hugh Grant, Martine McCutcheon, Keira Knightley, Andrew Lincoln, Colin Firth, Lucia Moniz, Liam Neeson, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Olivia Olson, Bill Nighy, Marcus Brigstocke and Rowan Atkinson.

Noticeably absent from the line-up was Emma Thomson, and of course beloved Alan Rickman, who tragically passed away last year. Emma played dutiful wife Karen to Alan's unfaithful husband, Harry.

It's set to be broadcast on BBC1 on 24 March in the UK.

In honour of the big news, we decided to do a good ol' then-and-now comparison -- can you believe 14 years have passed since the original first warmed our hearts?

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley played Juliet, whose new husband's best friend was in love with her.

Keira went on to star in many successful movies including Atonement, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Imitation Game. She is married to Klaxons frontman James Righton and gave birth to their daughter Edie in May 2015.

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant played the Prime Minister in the classic Rom-Com.

The notorious charmer remains one of Britain's best known actors, most recently starring alongside Meryl Streep in Florence Foster Jenkins.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Thomas Brodie-Sangster played Sam at the tender age of 12 years old.

The 26-year-old has gone on to enjoy a healthy acting career, including roles in Game of Thrones and the Maze Runner film series.

Martine McCutcheon

After finding fame in UK soap Eastenders, Martine McCutcheon played Natalie, a woman who fell for the Prime Minister, in the popular film.

After the film, Martine continued her career mainly as a television actress. She is currently a guest panellist on day time TV chat show Loose Women.

Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln played the part of Mark, who was in love with his best friend's new wife (played by Keira Knightley). In one of the most iconic (and cheesiest) moments in LA, Mark declares his love for the oblivious Juliette in notes written on posters, while blasting carols from a portable CD player.

You can now catch Andrew playing Rick Grimes in the hugely successful zombie-apocalypse TV thriller The Walking Dead.

Olivia Olson

Olivia Olson played young Sam's love interest Joanna Anderson.

Olivia now lends her voice to Marceline in animated TV series Adventure Time.

Colin Firth

Colin Firth played writer Jamie who, despite a language barrier, falls for his gorgeous Portuguese housekeeper Aurélia.

Colin continues to be a massively successful actor, most notably starring as King George VI in The King's Speech for which he won 5 awards, including the Oscar for Best Actor.

Bill Nighy

Bill Nighy won the BAFTA award for Actor in a Supporting Role for his portrayal of old time rocker Billy Mack .

A decade and a half later, Bill is still rocking on, recently starring as Sergeant Wilson in the reboot of Dad's Army.

Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson played Daniel, a recent widower helping his young stepson (Sam) with matters of the heart.

Legendary Liam has starred in many successful films since Love Actually, including Taken and, more recently A Monster Calls.

Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson played the small part of Rufus, a Jewellery Salesman.

Rowan continues to be a popular face of British comedy, reprising the roles of hapless spy Johnny English and classic British comedy character Mr Bean since the 2003 release of Love Actually.

Sources: Getty, The Guardian

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