15 ideas for decorating with letters

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04 October 2013

Our blogger discovered the ABCs of decorating with letters of the alphabet on Pinterest this week.

Using letters as home décor is an oldie but goodie. You can keep the trend fresh by making it your own. Here are some gorgeous ways I found on Pinterest to put the writing on the wall. I’ve included a few how-to tips at the end.

1 It’s a jumble out there

Pictures pinned from apartmenttherapy.com (left) and lakbermagazin.hu

You don’t have to have a message to enjoy the lovely lines of letters. These two rooms simply spell out that the owners have style. You’ll find individual letters at craft stores which you can decorate to your taste. And if you’d like to replicate the look on the right, have your own design custom-made (see tips at end).

2 For boys and girls

Pictures pinned from madeinaday.com (left) and potterybarnkids.com

I love the seaside colours and the tight arrangement of the beach-themed words in the boys’ room on the left. Each boy also has his name above his headboard. And the scuffed cabinet has the feel of something washed up on the shore.

The pink room combines two big trends for kids’ rooms: wall art and décor letters. The letters slung from the branch of the tree is one of the prettiest ways I’ve seen to put up a kid’s name in her bedroom.

3 A modern take on monograms

From left: pictures pinned from jonesdesigncompany.com, Rahea Robb and Kari Hilliard

Make a décor statement with a single letter – whether it’s the first letter of your family name or a child’s initial. Group framed or unframed letters (or a combination) or scatter letters among family photos as in the middle picture.

See the tips at the end for ways to decorate and frame letters.

Picture pinned from etsy.com

Here’s another way to add your monogram to a wall. You could even copy the Middletons (Duchess Kate’s mom and dad) and create your own family crest! Hand over your design to one of the many companies in SA that custom-make stickers and decals and – voila! – you have instant class. See tips at the end.

4 Red-letter room

Picture pinned from sweettoothrecipe.blogspot.ca

The bold letters, bright colours and graphic lines really appeal to me. The big red letters are also thick enough to offer shelving for smaller letters (or an alarm clock or framed photo). I’d be worried about hitting my head on the edge of the “E” so perhaps this would be better above my desk.

5 Singularly beautiful

Picture left repinned from primitiveandproper.blogspot.com; picture right pinned from homedecorpark.com

Single letters can make a big impact in a room.

I’ve loved the nursery on the left ever since I first saw it on Pinterest a while back. The colours are delightful and a good option if you want to avoid blue or pink. I love the way the seagreen “B” picks up the colour of the drawers. The ombre paint effect is really easy to achieve: have your paint shop mix several 250 ml sample pots from a single paint colour sample strip.

The big “G” on the right is framed on a hessian backing (see tips at the end).

6 Welcome to the family

Picture pinned from organizeyourstuffnow.com

This black, white and neutral display has a special meaning: every time a new member of the family is born, his or her initials are added to the letters on the staircase.

7 It’s a wide world

Picture pinned from etsy.com

Here’s another way to use old maps in décor (follow the link below to see my previous blog). This would look good surrounded by pictures of far-flung places or souvenirs collected on your travels.

8 Big idea for little people

Pictures pinned from etsy.com (left) and lifewiththeellwoods.com

Put up the alphabet in baby’s room – the letters look good and you’ll have fun later when your little one starts recognising the shapes.

One of the suggestions I’ve read on Pinterest for creating the look on the left is rather charming. Assign a letter of the alphabet to each guest at a stork party (more than one if you have fewer than 26 people, or add punctuation marks if you have a big crowd) and ask them to decorate the letters for the new arrival’s nursery.

See tips below for how to frame letters.

9 The nitty-gritty

Here are a few techniques you might find handy.

Picture pinned from jessica-kindergartenteacher.blogspot.com

a) Painting or varnishing SupaWood

Find plain SupaWood letters of various sizes at your craft shop, or if you’re handy with a jigsaw you can trace and cut your own.

Apply a primer if you like (a good idea if you’re doing several letters), then apply a coat or two of acrylic paint in the colour of your choice (from craft shops or hardware stores). Or use leftover household paint or sample pots. Note: Use nontoxic paint in children’s rooms.

Add painted stripes, colourful stickers or Washi tape if you like. To paint stripes, apply the lighter colour first, allow to dry, stick on strips of masking tape then paint the darker colour.

SupaWood also looks great stained or varnished.

b) Covering letters in fabric, paper or pictures

Picture pinned from ideasmag.co.za

There are excellent instructions for covering polystyrene letters with fabric here. The technique will work equally well with wrapping paper or paper printouts of photographs.

c) Framing letters

Picture pinned from scrapbookphotos.blogspot.com

Use fabric or scrapbook paper to cover the backing of the frame then stick the letter of your choice firmly to it.

d) Having wall art custom-made

Picture pinned from www.wallartstudios.co.za

Any lettering design can be turned into wallpaper or stickers at one of several South African companies that offer the service. Shop around online for the best option – google “custom wallpaper”, “custom wall stickers” or “custom wall decals”.

– Alfie Steyn

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