15 TV weddings between us

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13 May 2011

When it comes to soap-opera weddings they’re both seasoned professionals. During their long careers Hunter Tylo and Rick Hearst have starred in 15 weddings.

But their latest, which saw their Bold and Beautiful characters Taylor Hayes and Whip Jones getting hitched, stands out as one of the most memorable.

It was meant to be a quiet, inti­mate ceremony but in true soapie style things soon spiralled out of control. First Taylor’s ex, Ridge Forrester, burst in to interrupt proceedings which of course made Whip very hot under the collar.

Then the wedding cake went flying, landing on one of the guests. Talk about drama!

Hunter and Rick recall the scenes shot more than a year ago as if they were yesterday. And as we catch up with them in Los Angeles it becomes clear they’re as close as their TV alter egos.

In fact Rick (46) admits he has had a crush on Hunter (48) ever since their paths crossed 22 years ago on the Days of Our Lives set where she played villainous Marina Toscano and he shady record producer Scotty Banning.

“I was too nervous to go up and say hello because she’s so stunning,” he says. “Throughout the years we would see each ­other, pass by and wave but we never worked together and never connected as actors.”

But that changed when The Bold producers decided to pair them in an unusual storyline: Taylor, heartbroken that Ridge had gone back to his ex, Brooke, turned to online dating to find a man.

And her first successful blind date turned out to be rival fashion house Jackie M’s new PR guru, Whipple “Whip” Jones.

“The courtship was very quick as it often is with daytime stories,” Ricks says with a chuckle. “Those scenes in the coffee house where I tell Taylor I’ve admired her from afar were a bit like our real-life relationship.”

Hunter is as complimentary about her co-star.

“He’s a dream,” she sighs. “Maybe this sounds weird but with the romantic kissing scenes I’m usually left with the feeling a girl gets after kissing her ultimate prom date.”

In real life Hunter is a true romantic – just like her Bold character.

After two failed marriages that produced four children she reckons she’s finally found her Mr Right inGersson Archila (39) whom she married two years ago in a secret Las Vegas wedding.

During her 20 years in The Bold she has made seven trips down the aisle.

Rick has acted in five soaps and taken centre stage in eight TV weddings, including one other Bold wedding to Brooke seven years ago during his first stint in the show.

Away from the cameras he has eyes only for Donna Smoot, a dancer he fell in love with more than 20 years ago.

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