16 cats who forgot they weren't human

By admin
22 August 2016

The cats who forgot how to cat.

Any cat-lover will tell you how their fur-babies have personalities just like people. If that's the case, then these felines have taken things to the next level. . .

1. "I've been waiting for you all day!"

just a cat sitting on some stairs...

2. "Yes, this is my throne. Now bow."

This is how my friend's cat sits on her lap

3. "Just doin' some yogas..."

A photo posted by Katarina Cas (@katarinacas1) on

4. "Can I help you, ma'am?"

Sitting like a human

5. Deep squats!

A photo posted by Sara Nozaki (@snozaki) on

6. Daydreamin'. . .

7. "What channel is KUWTK on again?"

8. "Are you making my dinner yet?"

cat. from catssittingdown

9. "Yes, I'm fabulous."

cat. from catssittingdown

10. "I'm on a time-out. . ."

cat. from catssittingdown

11. "Don't even think about it, human."

cat. from catssittingdown

12. "Can you help? I dropped my keys down there."

cat. from catssittingdown

13. "Splitz."

Here I am

14. "'S'been a rough day."


15. "What are you lookin' at?"

16. "So long! And thanks for all the fish!"


Sources: BoredPanda, Buzzfeed, Reddit

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