17 ways to tell he’s good enough for you!

By admin
01 February 2014

Does your crush meet all your expectations and more? If you’re left with a page full of ticks after reading our list you’re onto a winner!

- You’re both on a crowded bus home and you notice he immediately gets up to offer a seat to an elderly lady. Who said chivalry was dead?!

- A fight breaks out at lunchtime between a group of guys – rather than punching on like the rest of his mates, he tries to play peacemaker. A person who doesn’t automatically resort to violence to solve problem? We like!

- SITCH: At dinner a friend orders something on the menu you can’t eat and you feel a little awks speaking up, but before you can say anything he’s already said you can’t eat it and suggests an alternative. Wow, so he HAS been listening!

- It’s your first date and you notice he’s wearing a new outfit and brushed his hair (more than usual). He obviously cares about how he looks and is trying to make a good impression on you – and it’s working!

- His younger siblings look up to him and like hanging out with him. This is a super good sign!

- He respects your time with your pals and doesn’t dish out guilt trips about not seeing enough of them at weekends. Phew.

- He sends you a cute text when you least expect it just to let you know he’s thinking about you. Aww!

- He loves to have a good time with his mates but isn’t easily influenced – in fact he’s usually the go-to person if trouble comes up. Loyal + reliable = a YES!

- He has opinions and isn’t afraid to show it! Like when you’ve randomly insulted him during a fight he doesn’t just take it lying down – he’ll tell you you’re being a tad bratty.

- You’re at a music fest with a bunch of your friends and go off to check out other bands. He calls call after about an hour to check in and let you know where they are.

- He knows when to listen – like if you’ve had a fight with your fam or a rough day at school – and then make you laugh until your tummy hurts. The best.

- He’s not afraid to be affectionate in front of his mates.

- It doesn’t matter how you look, in your Saturday tracksuit bottoms or PJs, he’ll always give you a hug!

- He’s very approachable and will ask the new kid in class to join in a lunchtime game of cricket so he can meet everyone. Kudos!

- He’s not obsessed with popularity and doesn’t need 765 friends on Facebook to be cool.

- He always laughs at your jokes even if everyone else thought they were lame!

- You can talk to him about anything – your hopes, dreams – and he’ll support your 100 per cent.

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