18 great ideas for chalkboard paint

By Kirstin Buick
16 September 2013

Chalkboard paint allows you to turn almost any surface into a noticeboard, work of art or quirky décor item. Here are some creative ideas our blogger found on Pinterest this week.

Now that you can buy chalkboard paint in a huge variety of colours, or even custom-make your own to match your décor, you can turn almost any surface into a noticeboard, work of art or quirky décor item. Here are some cunningly creative ideas from Pinterest.

1. Days of our lives 

Pictures pinned from hajottamolla.blogspot.com.au (left) and sewingandsanding.blogspot.com

The weekly planner on the left is perfect for kids who need to keep track of homework, extramurals, sport matches and parties. Or opt for a family-size month-at-a-glance planner. Apply the chalkboard paint directly to a wall or use a piece of wood or plywood if you’d like it to be moveable.

NOTE: Use white paint for any parts of the planner where you don’t want the letters or lines to smudge or be erased by accident. Just remember if you’re doing the monthly planner not to make the dates permanent because of course they shift from month to month.

2. Up the wall

Pictures pinned from (from left) indulgy.com, decor8blog.com and diyroundup.blogspot.com

A chalkboard wall in the kitchen is invaluable for grocery lists of course – but it’s also a great place to give expression to your creativity. I love the cartoon dog and cat above the pet-feeding spot in the picture on the left. The one in the middle isn’t actually a chalkboard wall but it gives an idea how good one would look above your work surface.

NOTE: Fat splatters are hard to remove and water washes away the chalk so bear this in mind when deciding which wall to coat with chalkboard paint.

3. For fun

Pictures pinned from sweetcheekstastytreats.blogspot.com (left) and diyideas.com

Convert the top of a kiddies’ table into a drawing surface by applying chalkboard paint or turn an old coffee table into an old-school games station with a chalkboard surface for keeping score.

 4. Drawers to draw on

Pictures pinned from designimprovised.com (left) and buzzfeed.com

A simple filing cabinet gets a makeover with classy black and white drawers and a chalkboard side for a diary or to-do list. The dresser on the right doubles as a display for favourite poems. You could also use this idea in a craft room to label the contents of the drawers.

 5. Just for show

Pictures pinned from (from left) bella-illusione.tumblr.com, Nancy D’Emilio and aleggup.com

Aren’t these fabulous? The display on the left combines real and drawn objects for a quirky focal point. The bathroom wall is a delight – but you’d have to use paint as described for the calendars in No 1 if you don’t want your design to wash away. The Scandinavian Christmas tree on the right was laboriously copied from a fabric design by blogger Hazel Leggett – much easier to take down on 12th Night than a traditional tree!

 6. Home office

Pinned from DIY Group Boards (left) and tipjunkie.com

The wall on the left provides storage for bits and pieces, a calendar (just visible on the right), a noticeboard and a décor feature all in one. The shelving on the right is made up of three identical units, with the third one turned sideways to provide a surface for a chalkboard.

 7. Multitasking

Pictures pinned from keepsmilinghome.blogspot.de (left) and indulgy.com

Two more crafty kitchen ideas I love are the fridge that’s been converted into an all-round chalkboard and the framed chalkboard used as a serving tray for coffee, cheese and biscuits.

8. Remember the chalk!

Pinned from mykindofyellow.blogspot.com (left) and whitetablestyle.com

No point in having a chalkboard if you can never find any chalk. Two possible solutions: little tin buckets suspended on hooks and a corbel with a jar on top for stashing the chalk.


  • It’s important to season a new chalkboard, whether bought or homemade. Click here for easy instructions on how to do it.
  • Black and green chalkboard paint is readily available at paint stockists countrywide. If you can’t find other colours at your local paint store or craft shop, google “coloured chalkboard paint south africa” to order online. And if you’re keen on creating your own in a custom colour, try the instructions here. (Note: flat-finish = matte-finish.)


Have you used a chalkboard or chalkboard paint in an interesting way at home? Send me a pic at asteyn@media24.com if you’d like to share it with our online community.

– Alfie Steyn

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