18 sings you're in lurve

By admin
14 February 2014

Take a look at just how obvious it might be…

  1. You find yourself sending a blank message by “accident” to start up a conversation with them. Any excuse will do!
  2. You check their Facebook probably 12 times a day. Maybe 13.
  3. You can’t wipe the mega grin off your face when you see a text from them.
  4. You strategically position yourself in between him/her and ANY GIRL/BOY WHO TALKS TO HIM/HER.
  5. You laugh at all their jokes. Even though half of them are as funny as watching a tennis match. Oh the hilarity!
  6. You catch them staring at you. And they catch you staring at them. And then you catch them staring at you. And then… you catch the drift.
  7. You just don’t care about other guys/girls anymore. Just him/her. Awww.
  8. You add an extra smear of lip gloss at the end of biology because you know it’s music class with him next. You check out your hair in the bathroom mirror during break time in case you run into her.
  9. You feel like they just “get” you.
  10. You agonise over how long it should take before you write back to their Facebook message.
  11. You make that special effort to make sure their friends LOVE you. Not like, LOVE. Your break-speak revolves entirely around them.
  12. Your iPod is now filled with Nicki Minaj (aka his/her fave singer).
  13. When you’re on the phone and it’s time to hang up, you think of something else to say just so you can talk that minute or two longer.
  14. You may be guilty of reading texts from them over and over again.
  15. Although you’re in a huge hurry to get to your next class, you walk really slowly when you’re with them.
  16. Suddenly you can relate every lyric of every love song to how you feel.
  17. They’re all you think about.
  18.  You double take anyone who wears their cologne/perfume.

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