19 chilling photos of Henri and the court's visit to the Van Breda family home

25 April 2017

Suspected axe murderer Henri van Breda on Tuesday morning paid a visit to the house where his parents and brothers were murdered.

WATCH: Henri is emotionless as the court visits his family home

1. Media were also allowed into De Zalze Estate.


2. Henri and his legal team were included in a loco inspection at the Goske Street house on luxury golf estate.


3.The inspection was conducted by Judge Siraj Desai.


4. As at previous court appearances, Van Breda was neatly dressed in a blue-grey suit and quietly watched the proceedings. 


5. He showed no emotion as photographers took pictures of him.


6. On Monday the 22-year-old pleaded not guilty in connection with the atrocity that occurred in this house in the early hours of 27 January 2015. 


7. In his plea summary he says an axe-wielding intruder dressed in dark clothing, gloves and a balaclava attacked his parents, Martin (54) and Teresa (55), his brother Rudi (22) and sister Marli (17). 


8. Marli escaped with serious head injuries but the rest of the family died in the attack. 


9. The in loco inspection was done to give the judge a better of idea of circumstances when testimony is given. 


10. He was shown among others where in the house police found the murder weapon, the bodies of the deceased and certain marks.


11. Henri's legal team also demonstrated potential points of entry an intruder might have used.


12. These included two side entrances to the home, which is nestled in a security estate. 


13. A neighbour in the street, Stephen Mitchell, said residents on the estate had no security concerns and felt very safe there.


14. “I don’t think anyone really believes his story,” he said.


15.  According to him, security has always been good on the estate, and since the incident cameras were installed to detect any movement on the property.


16. In his plea explanation, the 22-year-old said an intruder wearing dark clothes, gloves and a balaclava had attacked his loved ones that morning.


17. He said he had also heard other voices of people speaking Afrikaans in their house.


18. Henri claimed that after a fight with the axe-wielding intruder, the man had escaped.

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19. On Monday, first officer at the scene Sergeant Adrian Kleynhans said there had been no sign of forced entry at the family’s house.He said when he arrived at the scene that morning, Henri had been emotional, but not crying.


The new owner of the property refused to allow media inside the house. They were asked to leave the estate.

PHOTOS: Corrie Hansen

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