1D album leak: the boys aren't bothered!

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11 November 2014

One Direction’s album leak was “anti-climactic” for Liam Payne.

The English-Irish boyband’s latest record, FOUR, wasn’t scheduled for release until November 17. And in a video interview streamed on Google Sunday, Liam and bandmates Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson shared their lack of excitement after hearing their new tracks hit the internet before it was planned. “It’s two ways,” MTV News reports Liam reasoned. “It’s obviously something we’ve worked really hard on. When it leaks, it’s kind of anti-climactic for us. At the same time, they love the stuff that’s come out.”

‘When it leaks, it’s kind of anti-climactic for us’

Niall expressed his disappointment as well, insisting the album was already “so close to coming out”.

“You could’ve waited another week and you could’ve had the real thing,” he shrugged.

Harry was more optimistic, however. The singer believes fans will still purchase the album despite the leak.

“We’re lucky that our fans hear it, and then when it comes out, they want to buy it anyway because they want to support us,” Harry said. “It’s kind of like when Radiohead put out that album for free and then people went and bought it.”

Despite the disappointment, the boys still have plenty to celebrate.

They came out the big winners of Sunday night’s MTV Europe Music Awards, taking home Best Pop, Best Live and Biggest Fans.

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