1D plan Zayn Malik's stag night

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26 November 2013

One Direction are planning a wild stag night for Zayn Malik which they joke could involve "guns, strippers and monkey masks".

One Direction are planning a wild stag night for Zayn Malik.

The Story Of My Life singers are hoping to give the 20-year-old star ? who’s engaged to Little Mix's Perrie Edwards ? a night to remember which begins with a planned kidnap and involves guns, strippers and monkey costumes.

Liam Payne told the Metro newspaper, "We should just spring it on him one night. All of us pick him up. We could kidnap him, put a bag on his head and make it really real.

"And then he'll get there and then it will just be strippers and stuff. We can all dress up in monkey and clown masks. Real guns and real strippers."

Louis Tomlinson added, "Maybe like gangstas. And we'll get real guns for it."

Harry Styles is hoping there’ll be multiple parties before the big day.

The curly-haired hunk explained, "We might just throw multiple stag do’s."

Zayn admits he has no idea what’s being planned but is sure it will be a good laugh whatever the boys ? also including Niall Horan ? come up with.

He added, "We were talking about my stag do the other day actually. I haven't got any plans made yet but I'm sure it's going to be a fun one."

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