$1m offered to solve maths problem

By admin
11 June 2013

A billionaire is offering a $1 million (R10 million) prize to anyone who can solve a maths problem.

Andrew Beal, a Dallas financier, is so desperate for someone to figure out his namesake equation, the Beal Conjecture number theory problem ?which has cast a shadow over mathematics since the 1980s ? he’s put up the huge reward.

The American Mathematical Society confirmed it will award the $1 million in exchange for the publication of the answer to the conundrum.

It's not the first time Andrew has offered a prize to someone who can solve the mystery. In 1997, he was prepared to give $5,000 (then R22 500) to anyone who could work it out and the prize has grown substantially over the years.

-Bang Showbiz

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