20 clever ideas for school fundraising

By admin
29 July 2013

Our Facebook community and Teachers for Change came up with these clever ways to raise funds for schools.

According to our Teachers for Change educators one of the questions asked most during interviews for teaching posts is, “How are you going to help the school raise funds?” Our Facebook community and Teachers for Change came up with these nifty ways of raising funds for schools.

  • The food trolley project is a huge favourite. Ask learners to each bring a non-perishable product to school (things such as tinned food, packets of sauce, cleaning products and so forth). Then sell raffle tickets where you can win all these groceries. With the economy being what it is, people are sure to buy a ticket. You could also sell raffle tickets for other products and you can ask shops in your community to sponsor these prizes.
  • Sponsor a word Instead of asking the adults to sponsor completed rounds or lengths on the field or in the swimming pool, adults get the chance to sponsor learners for each word they learn to spell. Learners get a list of words to learn and they are then paid according to how well they fare in the competition.
  • Have a puppet show with an admission fee. Other versions could be a  talent competition/karaokeevening.
  • Involve the whole community by means of a 4x4day, golf day, soap box derbyor wine auction.
  • Have a food tasting evening. Each class chooses a dish to make and parents buy booklets with tickets which will allow them to try little portions of food.
  • An art exhibition where the learners’ artwork is sold is a great way to raise funds. You could also make cards/calendars decorated with their art and sell it in the community.
  • Civvies day (where learners pay to come to school in “normal” clothes and not school uniforms) are always popular.
  • Have a games evening where learners pay small amounts of money to take part in individual games. You can call it A Minute To Win It, as in the popular TV series.
  • Classes can take turns to have a cake sale on Fridays.
  • Ask learners to supply the ingredients, and then sell food tickets for a potjiekosevening. It’s often a great social event for parents.
  • Sell hot chocolate during break at R5 a cup. It sells well during winter.
  • Laying out coins  in the shape of a picture or a pathway is a retro and fun way to raise funds.
  • Have a movie evening with a DVD shown on a projector.
  • Sell dinner tickets for a braai and pap, hamburger or bunnychow evening.
  • Organise a morning tea and invite an interesting speaker or artist, or have a fashion show showcasing matric farewell dresses.
  • Here’s an idea for a crèche: let the children pay R15 for a meal consisting of a hotdog and fruit juice (in a plastic bottle). Then ask them to collect their small change in the bottle for the rest of the year. When they hand it in it should contain about R40 if the bottle’s full.
  • Sell tickets to a spring dance to parents or have a dance for the seniors.
  • Ask a famous person for a donation (such as a rugby jersey from a Springbok) and have an auction.
  • Ask parents to spring clean and have a big garage sale. Another alternative is to ask people to donate books, and to have a book sale.

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