21 must-see posters from #SAunites marches

07 April 2017

From the poignant to the hilarious – and downright shocking.

Friday, 7 April 2017, is a day many South Africans will never forget. It was the day thousands put their work and other responsibilities on hold, to take to the streets in protest of the country's commander in chief.

While the gravity of the matter should not be undermined -- it's good to know that South Africans always know how to laugh at themselves.

Here are some of the best posters and placards that appeared on social media.

1. Truck off

Zuma must fall trucks caused havoc on Cape Town's roads this morning.

2. Butternutty

3. Power to the people

PHOTO: Supplied PHOTO: Supplied

4. No laughing matter

5. Dunk the punk

6. Some Makro-economics

7. Someone in PTA has great Photoshop skills

8. Her face says it all

9. As seen on TV

10. #Mood

11. Making a point

PHOTO: Facebook, Jenny van Blerck PHOTO: Facebook, Jenny van Blerck

12. A bit of wordplay

13. Backbone of contention

14. The graphics department is here

15. Some expletives

PHOTO: @AshleyWhiting PHOTO: @AshleyWhiting

16. No laughing matter

17. We miss you, Tata

18. It's a sign

19. Good point...

20. And another one...

21. Why bring Bey into this?

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