3 Common asthma triggers

By admin
03 July 2013

Be aware of the common triggers so you can keep them at bay.

Help manage your asthma by controlling these triggers:

Animal dander

• Don’t keep a family pet, or make sure the animal stays out of the asthmatic’s bedroom.

• Seal or cover air ducts leading to the bedroom.

• Fit air filters.

House dust mites

• Cover mattress and pillows with an impermeable cover.

• Wash bedding once a week in boiling water.

• Reduce indoor humidity to less than 50 per cent.

• Remove carpets.

• Opt for wooden rather than upholstered furniture.


• Keep a clean house! Don’t leave out any crumbs.

• Use poison traps to control any stray cockroaches.

Source: Allergy SA

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