3-month-old baby 'catches herpes' after being kissed by stranger

By Samantha Luiz
25 September 2015

A mom has taken to Facebook to warn about the dangers of letting strangers kiss your new-born baby. This comes after her daughter was hospitalised for days after developing severe sores around her mouth.

In the Facebook post, Claire Henderson, from Doncaster in England, explained how baby Brooke had been given a peck by someone who had shown no visible signs of the virus. Sores then started appearing on the baby’s lips and the back of her throat.

'DO NOT let anyone kiss your newborns mouth'

“Before 3 months old a baby cannot fight the herpes virus,” Claire wrote on Facebook.

“If a baby contracts this it can cause liver and brain damage and lead to death.”

The concerned mother rushed her baby to hospital following a friend’s advice.

“I know this sounds like I am scaremongering but if my friend had not told me about this my baby girl could have been very seriously ill,” wrote Claire.

“The moral of the story is DO NOT let anyone kiss your newborns mouth, even if they don't look like they have a cold sore -- 85% of the population carry the virus.”

Paediatrician Julie G. Capiola told Yahoo! Parenting it is important that parents "limit the number of people who visit and handle your baby for the first few months, and remind them not to kiss the baby's face, especially on the lips," in order to prevent cases like Brooke's from happening.

Sources: yahoo.com, metro.co.uk, dailymail.co.uk

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