3 videos that will have you laughing even if you’re having the worst day

By admin
05 March 2014

Feeling down? Watch these people who just couldn’t stop laughing and feel yourself struggle to hold it in. Because laughing is a bit like yawning, isn’t it – one person does it and the rest of us seem to follow.

First there is this British TV presenter who tries extremely hard to stay true to his British nature and hold in that giggle.

Then there was this Russian newsreader who had to read such a ridiculous story on the news that she couldn’t finish her recording. Our favourite moment is when she says to the teleprompter: “Go faster.” Because reading something ridiculous is easier when you do it fast, right?! Then (after another bout of laughter): “This is so funny. Can we skip it?”

Then there’s this American news reader who loses it for no reason at all. It’s so bad, her co-host has to get a replacement.

- Dalena Theron

PHOTO: Anthony Kelly: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

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