3 Ways to get what you want from your parents

By admin
26 June 2014

It’s not easy asking your parents for some extra cash for that expensive jacket you’ve been eyeing, or getting them to buy you tickets to see your favourite singer. But there are a few ways that could help you get what you want, provided you know how to go about it.

Here are three indispensable tips:

1.       Ask with gratitude and show appreciation

Nothing will make your parents say “no” as quickly as when you ask for something in a demanding manner. If you think they owe you something, you’re going to lose out. Instead, ask with gratitude, explaining to your parents you know a new camera is expensive and a luxury item and you appreciate just how hard they work for you, but that the item will help polish your photography skills.

2.       Trade your skills/time for what you want

Think to yourself, “What could I offer my parents?” and find ways in which you could use your time/skills/talents to work off the price of something you want. Your parents want you to become a happy, responsible person and by showing them you’re willing to work off the cost, you’ll move along in the right direction.

Offer to complete a few chores at home, or promise you’ll bring your maths marks up by 10 per cent in exchange for your desired item.

3.       Ask for a delayed response

The trick is in the timing. Ask them when they’re in a relaxed mood and say it’s not urgent, but you’d like them to think about possibly buying you a new laptop as yours is really ailing. Start any big request like this, “Mom, don’t say yes or no right now. I want you to think about it before answering . . .” You’re planting a seed, and with luck you’ll be reaping the benefits!

-Megan Bursey

SOURCE: Huffingtonpost.com

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